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    Why do you play music?! πŸ™‚ (check all that apply!)
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    For me, it’s to relax! …and to see what other tunes i can work out πŸ˜‰

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    For me its cause I adore music and I adore learning songs and singing them (plus I like to challenge myself with harder to learn songs lol)

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      That’s really cool Grace πŸ˜€ What are some of the harder songs you’re trying to master?!

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    I have to play music.It’s how I let my feelings out without having to even say A word. So…… Yeah

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      Hey Lexi, I get you! It can be quite the release huh πŸ™‚ And i guess the songs that work are different for everyone πŸ˜€

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    Mostly because it relaxes me, and I can’t bite my nails during practice.

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      Hahaha i should have put that as one of the options ‘to stop biting nails’ πŸ˜€ I hope the relaxation helps with that too!

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    i love music more than anything else in the world. its my life.

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      Me too!!! I listen to music all day, then rush home from work to play it all and write more notes out hahaha =D

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    I play instruments, because I am TERRIBLE at physical activities.

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    Myrthe Snoek

    I love playing keyboard, because i have autism and that’s something that i can do😊

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    Well my parents always wanted me and my siblings to play some sort of instruemtns growing up but al kinda dropped them but I picked back up piano in the last few years cus I was going through s tough time at school and I just kinda disappear inside myself when I play (ino that sound all mushy and stuff buts its true) or ya know I might just be insane….

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    I find it relaxing and fun :p I would also like to be a professional pianist and I have already mastered many songs especially classical, now I just need to master some more pop before my hands fall asleep haha…. Al least I’ve mastere sheet music but took me some 2 years…. πŸ˜‚

    P.S. great website
    P.P.S. I’m 10 years old

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    just started playing a mouth ago its so much fun and very satisfying when you play a song correctly i also love learning to play my Favourite songs and themes and i love being able to make different sounds with my keyboard i feel like i have a powerful tool and its good to play when people and life give me stress and unneeded comments or drama

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    i have to and it sucks

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    Cause I’m bored staying at home all the time.

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    I still get a band grade for it.

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    I love music!

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    Hi Nat,

    we (me and my family) play music for fun. Thank you for making it easier!
    I admire your work.


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    I play music to relax and it’s become a hobby of mine too I’m part of a band with three other friends of mine even though we’re only 11 years old πŸ˜‚ I play the keyboard for them !

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    Music helps me relax and clear my mind off things. Also, can you make the letter noted for “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

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    Nandini Seth Alhuwalia

    I play it because currently im in quarintine and im playing music. Piano is my subject at school

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    Piano is relaxing bruh.

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    I love playing the flute for fun, to relax, and play with my friends. I think everyone should at least attempt to play an instrument at least once in their life. Or you just won’t know what your missing!

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    I love music because it keeps me distracted from daily challeges also its my hobby i plays lots of other insterments i just like piano the most

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    Because I can

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    I learnt piano myself… I know its weird but meh… everyone does stuff themselves πŸ™‚

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    My mom got me a keyboard for Christmas and got the idea to start playing from Daffy Duck XD

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    well for me i’m home alone all day so its nice to learn new songs

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    C F A F ^C
    Whenever we kiss
    C F G E D C
    I worry and wonder
    C G A G ^C
    Your lips may be near
    G A# A G F
    But where is your heart

    C F A F ^C
    It’s always like this
    C F G E D C
    I worry and wonder
    C G A G ^C
    You’re close to me here
    G A# A G F
    But where is your heart

    G A A# A# A G A# A
    It’s a sad thing to realize
    F G A# A G F E F
    That you’ve a heart that never melts
    D E F F E D F E
    When we kiss do you close your eyes
    E F E D E F D G
    Pretending that I’m someone else

    C F A F ^C
    You must break this spell
    C F G E D C
    This cloud that I’m under
    C G A G ^C
    So please won’t you tell
    G A# A G F
    Darling where is your heart

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    I started playing an instrument called thumb piano or kalimba, and I find it really relaxing, and I think my dog agrees hehe

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    because it’s fun to sin

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    I love music

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