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    Why do you play music?! πŸ™‚ (check all that apply!)
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    For me, it’s to relax! …and to see what other tunes i can work out πŸ˜‰

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    For me its cause I adore music and I adore learning songs and singing them (plus I like to challenge myself with harder to learn songs lol)

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      That’s really cool Grace πŸ˜€ What are some of the harder songs you’re trying to master?!

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    I have to play music.It’s how I let my feelings out without having to even say A word. So…… Yeah

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      Hey Lexi, I get you! It can be quite the release huh πŸ™‚ And i guess the songs that work are different for everyone πŸ˜€

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    Mostly because it relaxes me, and I can’t bite my nails during practice.

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      Hahaha i should have put that as one of the options ‘to stop biting nails’ πŸ˜€ I hope the relaxation helps with that too!

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    i love music more than anything else in the world. its my life.

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      Me too!!! I listen to music all day, then rush home from work to play it all and write more notes out hahaha =D

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    I play instruments, because I am TERRIBLE at physical activities.

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    Myrthe Snoek

    I love playing keyboard, because i have autism and that’s something that i can do😊

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    Well my parents always wanted me and my siblings to play some sort of instruemtns growing up but al kinda dropped them but I picked back up piano in the last few years cus I was going through s tough time at school and I just kinda disappear inside myself when I play (ino that sound all mushy and stuff buts its true) or ya know I might just be insane….

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    I find it relaxing and fun :p I would also like to be a professional pianist and I have already mastered many songs especially classical, now I just need to master some more pop before my hands fall asleep haha…. Al least I’ve mastere sheet music but took me some 2 years…. πŸ˜‚

    P.S. great website
    P.P.S. I’m 10 years old

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    just started playing a mouth ago its so much fun and very satisfying when you play a song correctly i also love learning to play my Favourite songs and themes and i love being able to make different sounds with my keyboard i feel like i have a powerful tool and its good to play when people and life give me stress and unneeded comments or drama

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    i have to and it sucks

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    Cause I’m bored staying at home all the time.

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    I still get a band grade for it.

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    I love music!

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    Hi Nat,

    we (me and my family) play music for fun. Thank you for making it easier!
    I admire your work.


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    I play music to relax and it’s become a hobby of mine too I’m part of a band with three other friends of mine even though we’re only 11 years old πŸ˜‚ I play the keyboard for them !

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    Music helps me relax and clear my mind off things. Also, can you make the letter noted for “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

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    Nandini Seth Alhuwalia

    I play it because currently im in quarintine and im playing music. Piano is my subject at school

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    Piano is relaxing bruh.

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    I love playing the flute for fun, to relax, and play with my friends. I think everyone should at least attempt to play an instrument at least once in their life. Or you just won’t know what your missing!

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    I love music because it keeps me distracted from daily challeges also its my hobby i plays lots of other insterments i just like piano the most

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    Because I can

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    I learnt piano myself… I know its weird but meh… everyone does stuff themselves πŸ™‚

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    My mom got me a keyboard for Christmas and got the idea to start playing from Daffy Duck XD

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    well for me i’m home alone all day so its nice to learn new songs

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    C F A F ^C
    Whenever we kiss
    C F G E D C
    I worry and wonder
    C G A G ^C
    Your lips may be near
    G A# A G F
    But where is your heart

    C F A F ^C
    It’s always like this
    C F G E D C
    I worry and wonder
    C G A G ^C
    You’re close to me here
    G A# A G F
    But where is your heart

    G A A# A# A G A# A
    It’s a sad thing to realize
    F G A# A G F E F
    That you’ve a heart that never melts
    D E F F E D F E
    When we kiss do you close your eyes
    E F E D E F D G
    Pretending that I’m someone else

    C F A F ^C
    You must break this spell
    C F G E D C
    This cloud that I’m under
    C G A G ^C
    So please won’t you tell
    G A# A G F
    Darling where is your heart

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    I started playing an instrument called thumb piano or kalimba, and I find it really relaxing, and I think my dog agrees hehe

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    because it’s fun to sin

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    I love music

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    Because it helps me release stress and anxiety and it’s camlming fun and challenging

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    super fun and love to learn

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    i want to kill myself

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      Why would you want to do that?

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        Also why would you post it on here no one can help you or knows who you are.

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    Guys we should contact Nat through twitter to see if maybe she can come back to NoobNotes! P.S. I have found her twitter account but I don’t have access to twitter on this computer so just search “Nat noobnotes twitter”

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      Dollie Makiy

      I really hope you don’t. You shouldn’t

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    Really why not?

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    To prove this bully wrong tehe

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    I am so confused right now.

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    Wait why is it wrong for me to ask nat of maybe she can do some more noob notes?

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      Because she said she won’t put any more songs on, so if we want her to still have this site open, we shouldn’t bother her

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    Um, I think that the person who said don’t, was talking to the girl who said they were gonna end it… But idk what the stuff about proving a bully wrong was about.

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    I LOVE music soooooooo much

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    I play music because my dad is a professional musician and he wants us to play an instrument. I play the ukulele because it’s super easy. I also use this site to prepare for theatre auditions.

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    Why do I play music?
    Well it is a simple answer and that is it runs in my family. It is a creative outlet for me. My nan, dad, mum, siblings and aunts have been shoving music down my throat since I was a baby. I have learnt over 10 instruments and continue to learn more which isn’t impressive but considering the fact I am still less than 18 I think it is a good achievement p.

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    πŸ”ͺβ™₯︎ B L O O D β™₯︎πŸ”ͺ

    All of the above

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    I’m a clarinetist wanting to become a professional player noob notes net helped
    me a lot

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    I play music because I love it. I started violin when I was three, and over the years I’ve learned flute, piano, saxophone, french horn, and cello. I’m eleven years old and hoping to start learning trumpet this year (2021).

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    i must die


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    Luminox Sierva

    i am a musican i play for my family and i like how siple these notes are put it really helps me practice for big things like parties or the disney mash ups my town has we all get together in the park and sing a bunch of disney songs on the 3rd friday of every month i play my keyboard and they love it so yeah thanks i only wish it had Alan Walker Songs and songs like Human by christina perri and Undo by sanna neilson

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    I love music so much and this website really helps me learn the recorder more.This also a kid.

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