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    The website has never been…great, but at least I can call it functional to a degree.

    I haven’t tried the app in a few years, and recently got a new phone. I decided to re-download the app and give it another shot.

    It takes between 20 seconds and a minute to pull up, if it doesn’t crash. Icons and graphics don’t load, the ads are a mess, and you can’t navigate more than 5 pages before it either freezes and reverts back to the home screen, or just straight up crashes and needs to be stopped completely and reloaded.

    They don’t even ask you to rate the app, because they KNOW how bad it is. Seriously, every app I’ve ever downloaded has asked me to rate it, except this one.

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    Ok, that’s kinda weird maybe you should try the app on a laptop or computer cause that’s always worked for me.

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    The main reason I’m here is to become a better filmmaker. So far I’ve only concentrated on writing my scripts and slowly began to realise that I know nothing about the technical side of it. I’m looking to buy a new camera but I wanna know my craft before that. I want to gain good theoretical and practical knowledge. I only know bits and pieces. For example- what an aperture does, increasing the ISO makes the image brighter but it’s not always the best option, lighting can really help a cheaper lens etc. Nothing substantial, tbh.

    I’d like to start from the scratch (learn my jargon, lenses, physics of lighting) and build my knowledge slowly. I know it will take a long time but I won’t disappoint! Kindly take some time out and help this kid. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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