Let It Go – Frozen (Disney)

Difficulty: Medium

Can't be played on piccolo

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Enjoy the music notes to 'Let it Go' from Disney's animated film Frozen. The song in written in letter notes so it's perfect for beginner on any instrument, enjoy :)


D         E         E          E
The snow glows white

E       E        E - D         C - C
On the mountain tonight

C    C      D - D       C   .B    .A
Not a footprint to be seen.

.A      E - E      E    E-G-G-E
A kingdom of isolation,

C      C     D      E      D     C      D
And it looks like I'm the Queen


E         E      G     A-G
The wind is howling

E         G       G-G        F          E-F-E
Like this swirling storm inside

E - E            D     C   D
Couldn't keep it in

D - E            D         C      .A
Heaven knows I've tried


D          D     G     G
Don't let them in,

D          D      A       A
Don't let them see

A      G     A      A     G      A-B        ^C    B   B
Be the good girl you always have to be

D - D          G      G
Conceal, don't feel,

D         D      A       A
Don't let them know

G          A       B       ^C
Well now they know


A     B  ^C   G  G  ^D
Let it go, let it go

^C            A    A     A      A-B-^C
Can't hold it back anymore

A     B  ^C    G ^E ^E-^D
Let it go, let it go  ~

^C   ^D-^E  ^E  ^F-^E ^D-^C ^D-^C
Turn away and slam the door


^G ^E ^D
I don't care

^C           ^C        ^G    ^E   ^C
What they're going to say

^C     ^C       B        G     G
Let the storm rage on.

F         F       F - E       F - E       F      F-E-C
The cold never bothered me anyway


C      E-E      E        E         E-C
It's funny how some distance

C             G - G - F         E         D
Makes everything seem small

C        C       E        E       E        G - A       G
And the fears that once controlled me

G         ^C   ^C   B   A   A
Can't get to me at all


D        D    G   G     D    D   G    A
It's time to see what I can do

G      A     G    A-B      ^C    ^D          G
To test the limits and break through

D       D       G      G         D      G     D    A
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,

B        ^C
I'm free!


A     B   ^C    G ^D ^D
Let it go, let it go

^C  A     A      A     A      A       B    ^C
I am one with the wind and sky

A    B   ^C    G ^E ^E-^D
Let it go, let it go  ~

^D      ^E-^E  ^F   ^D  ^D-^C
You'll never see me cry


^G   ^E   ^D
Here I stand

^C       ^G    ^E     ^C
And here I'll stay

^C     ^C      B       G      G
Let the storm rage on

F         F       F-E       F - E       F      F-E-C
The cold never bothered me anyway


F      E - F      G - A        Bb        ^C    ^D#
My power flurries through the air

^D-^C  Bb     ^C
Into the ground

F        E     F   G-A-Bb
My soul is spiraling

^C  ^D#-D  ^C-Bb ^D# ^D-^C-^D-^C
In frozen fractals all around  ~


G        F#        G          A-B-^C-^D
And one thought crystallizes

^F    ^E ^D-^C ^D
Like an icy blast

^E  ^E-E  ^E-^C    ^C
I'm never going back,

^C       ^D   ^C ^C ^E  ^F
The past is in the past


^F ^F ^F-^E G G ^D
Let it go, let it go

^C        A    A     A     A      A      B    ^C-^D
And I'll rise like the break of dawn

A     B  ^C    G ^E ^E-^D
Let it go, let it go

^C      ^E - E   ^F ^E ^D-^C
That perfect girl is gone


^G   ^E   ^D
Here I stand

^C   ^C   ^G   ^E  ^F-^E-^D-^C
In the light of day ~

^C    ^C       B       ^C   ^G
Let the storm rage on

D#     F      F - E       F - E       F     F-E-C
The cold never bothered me anyway!

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