Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Bruno Mars' 2010 debut single "Just the Way You Are" topped the charts around the world so it's a song everyone will have encountered. The notes are simple, however the quicker pace of this song makes it's a nice challenge for beginners to practice rhythm and timing :)


F      ^C  ^C-A  ^C  ^C-A
Oh, her eyes, her eyes,

^C        A      ^C     ^C     A
Make the stars look like

^C            ^D     ^C-A
They're not shining

^C   ^C-A  ^C  ^C-A
Her hair, her hair,

A        ^C-A-^C     A-^C    ^D   ^C-A
Falls perfectly without her trying

Bb      A    Bb-A-Bb
She's so beautiful,

A    A   Bb   A    B-G     A
And I tell her every day...


F    ^C ^C-A  ^C ^C-A
Yeah, I know, I know,

A          A    ^C-A-^C      A
When I compliment her

A       ^C      ^D-^C   A
She won't believe me

F ^C ^C-A ^C ^C-A
And it's so, it's so,

^C   A   ^C
Sad to think

A         ^C      A    ^C   ^D  ^C  A
That she don't see what I see..


A      Bb-A     Bb   A      Bb    A
But every time she asks me

^C  F   F   F-G-A   A  A
"Do I look ok?"... I say...


^C    ^C  ^F  ^G   ^A
When I see your face,

^C         ^F  ^G   ^A   ^G  ^F   ^G      ^F
There's not a thing that I would change

^C        ^F      ^G-^A-^G
Cause you're amazing,

^Bb  ^A   ^F   ^G   ^F
Just the way you are!


^C      ^F     ^G     ^A
And when you smile,

^C       ^F       ^G      ^A
The whole world stops

^G      ^F    ^F   ^G   ^F
And stares for a while

^C       ^C    ^F   ^G-^A-^G
Cause girl you're amazing,

^Bb  ^A   ^F   ^G   ^F
Just the way you are!


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