Honor To Us All – Mulan (Disney)

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Easy notes with a tricky melody, "Honor To us All" sung by Lea Salonga from Disney's animated film Mulan is a perfect challenge for novices across most instruments :)


G     G      G       G      G      E     F     G      G
This is what you give me to work with

E           G-G     ^C    ^C       E
Well, honey, I've seen worse

F              F-F         F      D      F        F
We're gonna turn this sow's ear

F-F   E    D     C
Into a silk purse!


G           ^C      A          G       ^C       A
We'll have you washed and dried

G                ^C        A-G
Primped and polished

E       D       E        G        D
Till you glow with pride

E          G    A-G-E    D     E-G      D
Trust my recipe for instant bride

E              G       A-G     E   D    C
You'll bring honor to us all!


G        ^C     A
Wait and see

G              ^C          A
When we're through

G       ^C     A-G     E   D     E    G     D
Boys will gladly go to war for you

E             G        A-G
With good fortune

E      D     E        G-D
And a great hairdo

E              G       A-G     E   D   C
You'll bring honor to us all!


^E ^D  ^C    B     A     B-B-B
A girl can bring her family

B             B-A    G    F     G
Great honor in one way

G      B-G#    B   ^D   ^C
By striking a good match

^E   ^D    ^D    ^D  ^D  ^D
And this could be the day!


G         ^C       A       G       ^C       A
Men want girls with good taste

^C             A
Calm, obedient

D           E            G - D
Who work fast-paced

E              G        A-G
With good breeding

E     D   E-G   D
And a tiny waist

E               G      A-G     E    D   C
You'll bring honor to us all!


^E   ^D  ^C       B        A      B-B-B
We all must serve our Emperor

B               B       A      G      F       G
Who guards us from the Huns

G    B   G#    B-^D    ^C
A man by bearing arms

^E ^D ^D  ^D-^D  ^D
A girl by bearing sons!


G             ^C            A
When we're through

G        ^C     A
You can't fail

G  ^C   A-G     E-D
Like a lotus blossom

E         G      D
Soft and pale

E           G      A-G    E-D
How could any fellow

E      G     D
Say "no sale"

E                G     A-G    E   D    C
You'll bring honor to us all!


With thanks to  Chesi Fleming for her contributions :) 


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