Believer – Imagine Dragons

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Released early 2017, "Believer" has been popular around the world and has been used by Nintendo for their Switch adverts. It has simple repetitive melodies, but has quite a note range so requires some skill to play - good luck!


A           ^F      ^D
First things first

^D-^C ^D ^D ^E ^D   ^C-A     G      A
I'ma say all the words inside my head

^E    ^D   ^D   ^C   ^D
I'm fired up and tired

^D   ^E   ^D  ^C       A          G       A
Of the way that things have been

^C   A
Oh ooh

^E    ^D    ^C       A          G        A
The way that things have been,

^C   G#
Oh ooh


A                ^E        ^D
Second thing second

^D       ^C  ^D   ^D  ^D    ^E    ^D    ^C   A   G   A
Don't you tell me what you think that I can be

^E  ^D  ^D ^D  ^C ^D
I'm the one at the sail,

^D  ^E  ^D-^C   A   G    A
I'm the master of my sea,

^C   A
Oh ooh

^E   ^D-^C   A   G    A
The master of my sea,

^C   G#
Oh ooh


G#  G    A-A       A     A     A        A
I was broken from a young age

A - A      A       A-A     A    A      A-A
Taking my sulking to the masses

A               A      A    ^C-^C  ^C  ^C  ^C
Write down my poems for the few

^C        ^C   ^C  ^C      B     B    B
That looked at me, took to me,

B            B     B       B-B     B
Shook to me, feeling me

B - B           B          A - A            A      A     A
Singing from heartache from the pain

A - A      A       A - A         A       A      A
Taking my message from the veins

A - A           A  ^C-^C   ^C      ^C    ^C
Speaking my lesson from the brain

^C-^C   ^C     B - B         B         B
Seeing the beauty through the...




^E      *C    *C  ^B   A     *C    *C  ^B
You made me a, you made me a

^A-^A-*C  *C-^B-^G#
Believer, believer


^E       *C      *C    ^B       ^A     *C    *C ^B
You break me down, you build me up,

^A-^A-*C  *C-^B-^G#
Believer, believer


^D ^D ^C ^D-^C ^D
Oh let the bullets fly,

^C ^D ^C ^D-^E
Oh let them rain

^D  ^D  ^C  ^D     ^C  ^D   ^C   ^D    ^C
My life, my love, my drive, it came from...


^E     *C     *C  ^B   A      *C    *C  ^B
You made me a, you made me a

^A-^A-*C  *C-^B-^G#
Believer, believer!


A              ^E      ^D
Third things third

^D  ^C   ^D    ^D  ^E    ^D    A    G-A
Send a prayer to the ones up above

^E  ^D   ^D   ^D      ^C        ^D
All the hate that you've heard

^D       ^D     ^E   ^D-^C   A  G   A
Has turned your spirit to a dove

^C  A
Oh ooh

^E  ^D-^C   A    G-A
Your spirit up above,

^C G#
Oh ooh


G#  G     A-A     A    A     A
I was choking in the crowd

A  -  A       A      A     A    A    A     A
Building my rain up in the cloud

A  -  A     A   ^C-^C ^C  ^C   ^C
Falling like ashes to the ground

^C-^C  ^C     B - B          B         B            B
Hoping my feelings, they would drown

B         B      A-A      A    A-A      A
But they never did, ever lived,

A - A        A        A-A       A-A-A-A    A-A-A
Ebbing and flowing, Inhibited, limited

A    A      A      A     A    A     ^C      ^C
'Til it broke up and it rained down

^C   ^C        B        B
It rained down, like...




A          ^E      ^D
Last things last

^D  ^C   ^D  ^D  ^E  ^D  ^C    A      G
By the grace of the fire and the flames

A            ^E   ^D  ^D ^C ^D-^E
You're the face of the future,

^E  ^D-^C  A   G    A
The blood in my veins,

^C A
Oh ooh

^E      ^D   ^C   A     G
The blood in my veins,

^C G#
Oh ooh


B         B    ^C-A     A   ^C-A     A
But they never did, ever lived,

^C-^C  ^C   ^C-^C ^
Ebbing and flowing,

C-^C-^A-^A  ^C-A-A
Inhibited, limited

^C ^C  ^C  ^C  ^C  ^C   ^C       B
'Til it broke up and it rained down

^C ^C-B ^C-B A
It rained down, like...




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