Sesame Street Theme Tune – Joe Raposo

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A TV show most of us will have encountered ourselves as children and is still shown today - I hope you enjoy playing the letter notes to the famous Sesame Street theme song :)


^C - A     F
Sunny Day

F - G             A      ^C       A-F
Sweepin' the clouds away

^C    A    F
On my way

F         G       A    B   ^C  ^D
To where the air is sweet

^C   ^D  ^D#  ^D  ^C  A   G
Can you tell me how to get

G        A   Bb   A    G-C-C      C
How to get to Sesame Street


^C          A       F
Come and play

F - G - A      ^C-A-F
Everything's A-OK

^C - A            F - F           G
Friendly neighbors there

A                B      ^C    ^D
That's where we meet

^C   ^D  ^D#  ^D  ^C   A  G
Can you tell me how to get

G       A   Bb   A   G-^C-^C  ^C
How to get to Sesame Street...

G        A   Bb   A  G-^C-^C  ^C
How to get to Sesame Street!!


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