The Other Side – The Greatest Showman

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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The 'haggling' song in the bar-scene in the Greatest Showman - Hugh Jackman trying to get Zac Efron on board! Enjoy the letter notes below :)


E              E         C       C
Right here, right now

D   D    E   D-C    C
I put the offer out

D     D       D-E       D        C       .A
I don't wanna chase you down

.G    D     E     D    E
I know you see it


E          E     C      C
You run with me

D     D   E    D     C       C
And I can cut you free

D      D     E     D-C-.A
Out of the drudgery

.G         D        E      D     E
And walls you keep in


A       A     ^C     A-G-G
So trade that typical

E          E - G          E-D-D
For something colorful

C     A    G     G-E
And if it's crazy,

A     G   G-E   G-E
Live a little crazy

A         A    A  ^C   A-G-G
You can play it sensible,

E       E    E      G-E-D-D
A king of conventional

.F        D    C      D    D   D   E   E
Or you can risk it all and see...


^E  ^E-^D ^D-^E ^D  ^C-^C
Don't you wanna get away

A          G    ^E   ^E-^D  ^D  ^E  ^D-^C  ^C
From the same old part you gotta play

A         G    ^E     G       G      ^E
'Cause I got what you need

^D  ^D    ^E    ^D   ^C    ^C    G   ^D
So come with me and take the ride

^C-^C  ^D   ^C  ^E  ^D-^C  ^C-B  ^C
It'll       take  you  to   the  other  side


^E           ^E   ^E   ^E  ^E   ^E  ^E
'Cause you can do like you do

G    ^C   ^C   ^C  ^C  G
Or you can do like me

^D   ^D   ^C  ^D
Stay in the cage,

^C   ^D  ^D-^E-^G  ^E  ^D  ^C
Or you'll finally take the key

^E ^E-^D
Oh, damn!

^D-^E-^D   ^C   ^C  G  ^D
Suddenly you're free to fly

^C-^C ^D ^C ^E ^D ^C-B A
It'll take you to the other side...


E-E        C       C
Okay, my friend,

D        D      E    D    C   C
You want to cut me in

D      D    D    E   D     C
Well I hate to tell you,

.A    .G     D       E        D-E
But it just won't happen

E          E         C     C
So thanks, but no

D     D    E       D    C    C
I think I'm good to go

D          D     D      E-D
'Cause I quite enjoy

C       .A    .G     D    E        D         E
The life you say I'm trapped in


A      A  ^C-A-G   G
Now I admire you,

E           E          G         E      D     D
And that whole show you do

A              A-G       G - E
You're onto something,

A-G       G        G - E
Really it's something

A     A    A     ^C-A     G     G
But I live among the swells,

D        E       D       E      G      E-D        D
And we don't pick up peanut shells

D        D    D     D        C     D    E   E
I'll have to leave that up to you...


^E ^E-^D ^D-^E ^D ^C-^C
Don't you know that I'm okay

A     G    ^E  ^E-^D ^D ^E ^D-^C ^C
With this uptown part I get to play

A           G   ^E    G   G    ^E
'Cause I got what I need

^D  ^D  ^E   ^D   ^C   ^C    G   ^D
And I don't want to take the ride

^C-^C ^D ^C ^E ^D-^C ^C-B-^C
I don't need to see the other side


^E  ^E ^E  ^E  ^E   ^E ^E
So go and do like you do

G       ^C  ^C ^C  ^C  G
I'm good to do like me

^D ^D ^C ^D
Ain't in a cage,

^C ^D ^D  ^E  ^G  ^D  ^D  ^C
So I don't need to take the key

^E ^E-^D
Oh, damn!

^D     ^E   ^D  ^C   ^C-G  ^D
Can't you see I'm doing fine

^C ^C   ^D  ^C  ^E  ^D  ^C-B   A
I don't need to see the other side


A       B   ^C  ^C-^C  ^C
Now is this really how

B          A   G     G-E      E        E
You like to spend your days?

G - E           A      G-E-E
Whiskey and misery,

D         C-D        E        E
And parties and plays?


G  A    B     ^C    ^C    ^D   ^C
If I were mixed up with you,

B     A    G     A     E     E     E
I'd be the talk of the town

D - G               E        D - G
Disgraced and disowned,

G-G-G      G#  G#   A     B
Another one of the clowns!


^D   ^C       B      A-A     G#   A   G-E
But you would finally live a little,

E-G          F     E   D-C
Finally laugh a little

C         D   C    D     D
Just let me give you

C          E - D      C       E
The freedom to dream


D       D-C     D    E    .A
And it'll wake you up

.A           D      E      .A-C
And cure your aching

D            E      .A
Take your walls

.A         G        A       .A-C
And start 'em breaking

^D      ^D   ^E   A
Now that's a deal

G          ^D        ^E       A-^C
That seems worth taking

D    D     D     C      D       C     D    E     E
But I guess I'll leave that up to you


A          A      A-A-E
Well it's intriguing,

E       E    F       E         D     C      D-E
But to go would cost me greatly

A       A             A-A-E       E    E      F
So what percentage of the show

E            D  C    D-E
Would I be taking?


.A         F       E-D
Well fair enough,

C             D    C      D     C    D    C   D-.A
You'd want a piece of all the action

A       A     G     A-E
I'd give you seven,

A          E          A         E       A     B    ^C-A
We could shake and make it happen


G# G#-G#  G#  G#  G#-G#
I wasn't born this morning,

G#-G#           G#   G#   A    B
Eighteen would be just fine

A          A     A     A     A-A
Why not just go ahead

A         A    A     A-A      A    B     ^C
And ask for nickels on the dime


G# G# G#
I'd do eight

Maybe nine...


^E   ^E-^D  ^D-^E ^D ^C-^C
Don't you wanna get away

A   G   ^E   ^E-^D
To a whole new

^D      ^E    ^D-^C   ^C
Part you're gonna play

A         G   ^E     G       G      ^E
'Cause I got what you need,

^D   ^D    ^E    ^D   ^C   ^C    G   ^D
So come with me and take the ride

^E ^D-^C ^C-B ^C
To the other side...


^C ^C ^C ^C ^C ^C ^C
So if you do like I do

A  ^C   A  ^C  ^C  G
So if you do like me

^D-^D  ^C  ^D
Forget the cage,

^C        ^D    ^D    ^E   ^G   ^E   ^D   ^C
'Cause we know how to make the key

^E  ^E-^D
Oh, damn!

^D-^E-^D    ^C   ^C  A ^D
Suddenly we're free to fly

^C   ^D-^C  ^E  ^D  ^C-B   A
We're going to the other side


^C ^C G ^C ^C ^C G
So if you do like I do

^E ^D-^C ^C-^C ^D
(To the other side)

^C ^C  A  ^C  ^D ^C
So if you do like me

^D-^C ^E ^D-^C ^C-B A
(Going to the other side)

^C    ^C  ^C ^C
'Cause if we do

^C ^D-^C ^E ^D-^C ^C-^C ^D
We're going to the other side

^C ^D-^C ^E ^D-^C ^C-B A
We're going to the other side!


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