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    Hey music crowd! I hope you’ll be as excited about the new updates as I am πŸ˜€

    On every song page, you can now adjust the ‘Song Note Settings’ – allowing you to:

    – Jump between Letter Notation (A-B-C) and Solfege (Do-Re-Mi) notes
    – Shift the song key up or down in key automatically

    These new features mean that whether you’ve learned ‘ABC’ or ‘DoReMi’ notation, you can read the notes easily!

    Also, if the song goes out of range for your instrument, you can bump it up or down a few keys and still get to play πŸ™‚ Or, get a few musical friends together and play a harmony!

    I’ve really enjoyed playing songs I know well already in different keys, it’s a nice challenge to play a song you know already in a different way!

    Understanding the Symbols before notes

    The symbols before the notes indicate which octave to play the note in.

    • .C : Low C (C3) -starts with a dot (.)
    • C : Middle C (C4) -no prefix
    • ^C : High C (C5) -starts with a caret (^)

    I added a an additional symbol for an octave higher and lower, allow all songs to be transposed at least one octave either way πŸ™‚

    So all together, if you end up changing the key, you may run into any of these notes:

    • C2 : _C, _D, _E, _F, _G, _A, _B
    • C3 : .C, .D, .E, .F, .G, .A, .B
    • C4 : C, D, E, F, G, A, B
    • C5 : ^C, ^D, ^E, ^F, ^G, ^A, ^B
    • C6 : *C, *D, *E, *F, *G, *A, *B

    On top of the new ‘Song settings’ feature, there are a bunch ofother recent new additions for you to enjoy:

    -β€˜React’ to songs with emoticons, and give star rating votes out of 5
    -Chat, comment and share your performance with integrated Facebook comments on every post page πŸ™‚
    -Sign up to a mailing list to get the weekly update to your inbox – yay!

    I hope you enjoy all the new functionality – i’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for new features (and any bugs you may spot!)

    Happy practice! ?

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    Hello Nat,

    Thanks you for your wonderful work, I love ABBA songs and when I was child , had picture with them. I love ” I HAVE DREAM” I KNOW YOU HAVE POSTED NOTES WHAT ABOUT CHORDS FOR LEFT HAND, Would please assist me.


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    Love this site. Is there a way to print a tune?

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    What are the notes β€œBb”,”Dd”

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    What about chords for left hand?

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    Enos Paige

    Hi The song by Berlin take your breath away what is the intro before the song begins
    This is what I get.
    <Eb f Ab Bb Ab
    Eb Ab G

    Eb G F

    <C f g
    Eb F Ab Bb C what other letters can I use for the intro

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