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Welcome to Noob Notes! My little collection of songs written out in simple letter notes 🙂

Tried and tested on the flute / piccolo, also transferable to other instruments such as piano or saxophone, recorder, piano, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and many others 🙂

A small collection of my song interpretations. Created for fun, free, easy practice.

All the songs are presented in written letter note format (rather than sheet music) to make it easier for beginners and novices (like me) to read! I aspire to note down tunes that everyone can appreciate regardless of skill level or instrument.

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I hope you enjoy playing these tunes as much as I have 🙂


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About me:

Hi, I’m nat, and I’m bad at reading sheet music.

I can read it, just really, really slowly. So on the occasion when I do pick up the flute, it’s playing the instrument I want to practice, not reading the notes to play.

Over the years since school, playing an instrument has stuck with me. I find it really relaxing, and enjoy the challenge of trying to work out the notes to a song. As you can imagine, everyone really enjoyed the Titanic theme tune and Hark the Herald Angels sing on loop for a few years 😛

Then, one day in early 2015, I had the insane/genius idea to mix work with pleasure – I make websites by day and thought I could document and share the songs I like to play with others. Turns out I can play a lot more than I realised, and the result is my own personal music book that I click ‘random‘ on… woop!

I really others enjoy playing these songs as much as I do 🙂

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