Prima Donna – Phantom of the Opera

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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One of my favourites from Phantom of the Opera, "Prima Donna" is the bit where they're trying to keep Carlotta happy and some of the lyrics are just silly :P

A lovely tune which is great fun to play - i'm not sure i'll ever master the fast Andre/Firmin bit at the end, perhaps you can?! Enjoy!



^C-^E ^D-^C     B    A-G   C    E      A
Prima Donna, first lady of the stage

G            E-D-E      A     E     D         E
Your devotees are on their knees

C       E-G       G
To implore you...

D          E       F     G
Can you bow out

A                 B            B-^C        G          E
When they're shouting your name?

^C        B      A       B    ^C    C-D    D
Think of how they all adore you...


^C-^E  ^D-^C      B - A     G     C     E-A
Prima Donna, enchant us once again

G           E      D       E
Think of your muse

A       E      D          E               C        E    ^C-^C
And of your queues 'round the theatre!

D         E     F-G    A    B      B-^C    G      E
Can you deny us the triumph in store?

C         G-D      D-D        E         C
Sing Prima Donna once ​more!



^F-^A  ^G-^F
Prima Donna

^E       ^D     ^C     E    A-^D
Your song shall live again

^C      A    G    A
You took a snub

^D         A      G    A-F     A      ^C     ^C
But there's a public who needs you...


G         A    Bb   ^C
Think of their cry

^D  ^E-^E-^F  ^C-A
Of undying ​support

^F-^E       ^D    ^E      ^F - E         G       G
Follow ​where the ​limelight leads you


^F-^A  ^G-^F
Prima Donna

^E      ^D     ^C      E     A-^D
Your song shall never die

^C         A     G-A
You'll sing again

^D    A     G-A-F   A-^F-^F
And to unending ovation

G             A      Bb      ^C
Think how you'll shine

^D  ^E   ^E-^F  ^C-A
In  that  ​final  encore

F       ^C-G      G-G       A        F
Sing Prima Donna ​once more...



D            D#-F   G   F-G
Who'd believe a diva

F-G   A   Bb-^C ^D
Happy to relieve a

^D#-^D  ^D#  ^D   ^C
Chorus girl whose gone

Bb    ^C     Bb     A      G-F-D#
And slept with the patron?


D             E       F        G - F
Raoul and the soubrette

G - F           G      A     Bb-^C
Entwined in love's duet!

^D-^D#   ^D  ^D#  ^D-^C
Although  he  may  demur

Bb   ^C      Bb        A       G       F
He must have been with her!


D#      C-D    D#   F-D#
You'd never get away

F       D#    F   G  A   Bb
With all this in a play

^C ^D ^C ^D-^C ^D
But if it's loudly sung

^C   Bb  A   Bb-A      G
And in a foreign tongue

A     Bb     A    Bb   A   G-A
It's just the sort of story

Bb-A-Bb      F-D
Audiences adore

Bb ^D# ^D ^D#-^F ^F-^C
In   fact   ​a   perfect   opera!



Bb-^D ^C-Bb
Prima Donna,

A          G      F   .Bb   D    G
The world is at your feet!

F     D-C      D
A nation waits

G         D    C      D   .Bb  D   Bb-Bb
And how it hates to be cheated!

^C    ^D   ^D#  ^F
Light up the stage

^G      ^A   ^A-^Bb  ^F *D-*C-^Bb-^A
With that age-old rapport  ~    ~    ~  !

Bb   ^F-^C  ^C-^C    ^D    ^Bb
Sing Prima Donna, once more!


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