Music of the Night – Phantom of the Opera

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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One of my personal favourites, "Music of the Night" is from Andrew Lloyd Webber's popular stage show and film Phantom of the Opera. It's a great practice piece for beginners and intermediates on most instruments - I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do! :)


A - C              G - C
Nighttime sharpens,

F - G                A       Bb-G-^C
Heightens each sensation

A - C              G
Darkness stirs

C          F      G-A-Bb-G-^C
And wakes imagination


^D-^F-^F  ^F  ^G-^F
Silently  the  senses

^D-^D-^F  ^F  ^F-^G-^F
Abandon their defenses

^D-^F   ^F  ^F-^G
Helpless to resist

^F    ^D    A  ^C
The notes I write

A   G-G
I compose

A     Bb-^C   A    G     F
The music of the night...


A - C        G-C
Slowly, gently,

F            G-A     Bb     G-^C
Night unfurls its splendor

A          C      G      C
Grasp it, sense it,

F-G-A           Bb     G-^C
Tremulous and tender


^D      ^F    ^F   ^F-^G
Turn your face away

^F      ^E   ^D-^F   ^F  ^F  ^G
From the garish light of day

^F     ^E    ^D    ^F-^F
Turn your face away

^F      ^G      ^F-^D-A    ^C
From cold, unfeeling light

A        A-G   G
And listen to

A    Bb-^C   A   G     F
The music of the night...


A          ^C      ^G    ^F   ^D#-^D-^C
Close your eyes and surrender

Bb    ^C    ^C-Bb      G#
To your darkest dreams

^C     ^D#     ^G#
Leave all thoughts

^G   ^F    ^F   ^D#   ^D#  ^D-^D
Of the world you knew before


^G       ^G    ^G
Close your eyes,

^F    ^E   ^D-^C   ^D  ^C  *C
Let your spirit start to soar...

^E       ^E    ^E
And you'll live

^E     ^E    ^E-^D    ^E    ^F-^E
As you've never lived before...


A-C       G-C
Softly, deftly,

F-G         A      Bb-G   ^C
Music shall caress you

A       C    G    C
Hear it, feel it,

F-G-A         Bb-G    ^C
Secretly possess you...


^D-^F  ^F  ^F  ^G
Open up your mind,

^F   ^E   ^D-^F-^F   ^F-^G
Let your fantasies unwind

^F   ^E    ^D-^F
In this darkness

^F           ^F    ^G    ^F    ^D-A    ^C
Which you know you cannot fight

A          A-G       G
The darkness of

A     Bb-^C   A   G    F
The music of the night


^F     ^F   ^G     ^F  ^D#  ^D-^C
Let your mind start a journey

Bb          ^C      ^C        Bb       G#
Through a strange, new world

^C     ^D#     ^G#
Leave all thoughts

^G    ^F   ^F   ^D#  ^D#  ^D-^D
Of the world you knew before


^G   ^G   ^G     ^F   ^E
Let your soul take you

^D        ^C   ^D  ^C  ^C
Where you long to be...

^E-^E  ^E
Only then

^E    ^E   ^D-^E  ^F  ^E
Can you belong to me...


A - C            G-C
Floating, falling,

F        G-A-Bb-G-^C
Sweet intoxication

A           C        G       C
Touch me, trust me,

F-G        A      Bb-G-^C
Savor each sensation


^D   ^F     ^F    ^F-^G
Let the dream begin,

^F   ^E    ^D-^F   ^F   ^F   ^G
Let your darker side give in

^F  ^E  ^D-^F-^F
To the harmony

^F             ^G      ^F-^D    A    ^C
Which dreams alone can write

A        A-G     G
The power of

A    Bb-^C   A    G     F
The music of the night

^D  ^F-^F
You alone

^F      ^G    ^F    ^D      A      ^C
Can make my song take flight

A         G      G
Help me make

A    Bb-^C    A    G    ^F
The music of the night!


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