Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again – Phantom of the Opera

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” is from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular stage show and film Phantom of the Opera. It’s a lovely tune to play and great practice piece for beginners - happy practice!


Bb       A         D     D     G       F-F-.Bb
You were once my one companion

D#      D     .A   .Bb     .A - D
You were all that mattered

Bb       A        D    D      G       F      F-.Bb
You were once a friend and father

D#       D       .A      .Bb      .A-D
Then my world was shattered...


B - B          B      B
Wishing you were

B - ^D            B      A-G
Somehow here again

A - A          A        A          A-^C        D
Wishing you were somehow near...

E  -  F#         G         A
Sometimes it seemed

^D   B   A    G
If I just dreamed

^D - B         ^D      ^E     B    ^D
Somehow you would be here...


B - B     B     B
Wishing I could

B         ^D        B       A-G
Hear your voice again

A - A           A   A    A-^C    D
Knowing that I never would...

E - F#        G     A
Dreaming of you

A ^D B A G
Won't help me to do

^D    B    ^D        ^E      B   ^D
All that you dreamed I could...


Bb - A      D
Passing bells

D         G - F       F-.Bb
And sculpted angels

D#      D       .A-.Bb-.A-D
Cold and monumental

Bb       A    D
Seem for you

D           G         F-F-.Bb
The wrong companions

D#      D         .A     .Bb   .A-D
You were warm and gentle...


E     F#-G     A
Too many years

^D - B        A        G
Fighting back tears

^D      B     ^D     ^E     B    ^D
Why can't the past just die?


^D-^D    ^D   ^D
Wishing you were

^D - ^F     ^D   ^C-Bb
Somehow here again

^C - ^C   ^C    ^C   ^C   ^D#-F
Knowing we must say goodbye

G    A   Bb-^C
Try to forgive

^F    ^D   ^C   Bb
Teach me to live

^F    ^D   ^F     ^G     ^D   ^F
Give me the strength to try...


^D    ^F    ^D-^C-Bb
No more memories

^C    A      G-^C     A
No more silent tears

^D   ^F    ^D-^C   Bb-^C
No more gazing across

A       G-^C      A
The wasted years

F          F      F       F-F
Help me say goodbye

F         F      F       F-^F
Help me say goodbye...


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