I’m Still Standing – Elton John

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Elton John's upbeat 1985 pop classic "I'm Still Standing" was a massive hit and is really fun to play. I hope you enjoy playing along with the letter notes :)


A         B        B-B        B         B    ^C   ^C
You could never know what it's like

G           A        A       A-G       A - G    ^C    B    B
Your blood like winter freezes just like ice

D           E       D     G     G-E      G
And there's a cold lonely light

E             G         B       A
That shines from you

D          ^C     B     A     G      G
You'll wind up like the wreck

A        G       E - G       A        B        A     G
You hide behind, that mask you use


A       B        B        B       B       B      B-^C  ^C
Did you think this fool could never win

G          A    A     A     G     A-G     ^C       B-B
Well look at me, I'm coming back again

D  E  D    G    G      E    G  E   G-B     A
I got a taste of love in a simple way

D     D    D    ^C    B      A
And if you need to know

G           G      A       G - E       G      A       B      A-G
While I'm still standing you just fade away


G           G       G      ^F  ^D#   ^D-G
Don't you know I'm still standing

G - A    Bb   G  ^C-^D  ^D
Better than I ever did

G - A     Bb  ^C  ^D  ^D#-^D#-^D
Looking like a true survivor

G - A   Bb  ^C ^C-^D  ^D
Feeling like a little kid


^F ^D#  ^D-G    A-Bb  ^C  ^D  ^D
I'm still standing after all this time

G - A   Bb ^C ^D-^D# ^D# ^C ^D
Picking up the pieces of my life

^C-^C   Bb  ^C  ^D   ^D
Without you on my mind

^F  ^D#   ^D-G      Bb     Bb       A
I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah

^F  ^D#    ^D-G      Bb     Bb      A
I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah


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