Face of Melinda – Opeth

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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If you don't know this epic beast of a track by Opeth, i could not recommend it more! A complex guitar accompanies a lovely simple tune which is easy for a beginner to pick up, with room for an intermediate to master:)


E      G     A  -   B      ^C - B    G    G-G     E
By the turnstile beckons a damsel fair

E      ^C  ^C  ^C-^C-B    A           A  -  B       A-B
The face of Melinda neath blackened hair

A     A        B       ^C-B    G     A     E
No joy would flicker in her eyes

E   ^C - ^C    ^C  -  B      A      A   B   A-B
A brooding sadness came to a rise....


^E            B-A     G - E   G    A - F#
Words would falter to atone

E  -  E       E          E          E       E  -  F#      F#
Failure had passed the stepping stone

E            ^E      B-A     G     G    A-G-F#
She'd sworn her vows to another

G       G      G     G - F#     E     E-EF#
This is when no-one will bother


E        G - A - B     ^C    G       G - A         E
And conceded pain in crumbling mirth

E  ^C-^C  ^C ^C   B- A    B   A-B
A harlot of God upon the earth

A                 A         B     ^C-B -G      A       E
Found where she sacrificed her ways

^C   ^C-^C  ^C-B   A   B   A-B
That hollow love in her face


^E   B-A   G      E     G      A      F#
Still I plotted to have her back

E   -   E   -   E         E          E        E     F#    F#
Contentment that would fill the crack

E      ^E      B-A-G    G      A  -  G     F#
My soul released a fluttering sigh

G        G     G          G - F#     E - F#-F
This day fell, darkness nigh   ~


A    A     A   B   ^C  ^D#  ^D  ^C
I took her by the hand to say

^C  ^C  ^C-^C-^C   B    A         ^C       B - AB
All faith forever has been washed away

A    A  -  A     A    B    ^C   ^D#  ^D-^C
I returned for you in great dismay

^C        ^C    ^C   B   A-^C   B-A-B   ~  A
Come with me, far away to     ~     stay


A - A -A     A - A    B   ^C-^D#-^D ^C
Endlessly gazing in nocturnal prime

B       ^C    ^C  ^C    ^C    ^C       B       A     ^C-B-A-B
She spoke of her vices and broke the rhyme   ~

A  -  A     A  -  A     B    ^C  ^D#-^D  ^C
Baffled herself with the final line

B     ^C -^C   ^C  ^C      B     A   ^C   BAB     A
My promise is made but my heart is thine....

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