In The Bleak Midwinter – Traditional

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An old English Christmas carol, based of a poem published around 1872. The letter notes below are great for beginners to practice on any instrument :)

Did you know? It was featured in the Dr Who 2010 Christmas special, sung by Katherine Jenkins.


^(D  D#  F      D)-C-Bb
In the bleak midwinter

C-^D      C        G         C
Frosty wind made moan,

^(D       D#      F    D)   C-Bb
Earth stood hard as iron

C-^D     C   Bb     Bb
Water like a stone.


^(D#   D    D#-F      G       G     D)
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,

^F-^D-C   Bb     A
Snow   ~   on snow...

^(D D#   F      D)-C-Bb
In the bleak midwinter,

C-^D-C   Bb-Bb
Long  ~  ago.

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