Hotel California – The Eagles

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A classic song known world-wide, 'Hotel California' was also part of the soundtrack to The Big Lebowski and has a Spanish flamenco cover version by the Gypsy Kings, and has also recently been covered by Passenger.


^(E E    E      D-D       D - E)
On a dark desert highway

^(E      E       D   D    D)
Cool wind in my hair

^(DE      E        D    D-D-DE)
Warm smell of colitas

^(E-E    E         D         D    D)CA
Rising up through the air


^(E   E-E    D    C      C - E)
Up ahead in the distance

^(C E E     E - D - C        C)
I saw a shimmering light

D     ^(D     D       D - D    D     C      D      C        E)
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

E ^(E   E     E    D    D     DE)
I had to stop for the night.


^(E       E        F        E      E      F - E)
There she stood in the doorway;

E   ^(E     E      E - D      D)
I heard the mission bell

D   ^(D  D     D - C     D     D - E)
And I was thinking to myself

^(E       E        E     E - E)
"This could be heaven

^(E   E     D      D     DC)-A
Or this could be Hell"


^(E      E    E    D   C   C-E)
Then she lit up a candle

A      ^(C       E          D      C      C)
And she showed me the way

^(D       D        D - D      D        C     D-C-E)
There were voices down the corridor,

^(D   E       E     E       G#    ED)
I thought I heard them say


^(F  -  F      F    F     F-F      G-F-F-E)
Welcome to the Hotel California

^(E     E   ED-D   D)
Such a lovely place

^(E     E    ED-D    D)
(Such a lovely place)

^(D    D    DC-C   C)
Such a lovely face.


^(F-F    F     F      F    F    F-F      G-F-F-E)
Plenty of room at the Hotel California

^(E-E   ED  D   D)
Any time of year

^(E-E   ED  D   D)
(Any time of year)

^(E    F     FE    E    E)
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