Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Difficulty: easy

Can be played on piccolo

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R.E.M.'s popular hit in letter note form :) Perhaps you'll know it from Glee? A great piece for beginners on flute, piccolo, piano, keyboard, and more.


B      A    G   B-A
Oh life is bigger

D     B - B      G     B
It's bigger than you

G       ^C    B     B     A
And you are not me


D          ^C       ^C ^C ^C  B  G
The lengths that I will go to

D         B  -  B    ^C    B      A
The distance in your eyes

B      B      B    ^C     B      A
Oh no, I've said too much

D D  A  A
I set it up...


^C        ^C ^C   B    B-A
That's me in the corner

^C        ^C   A    A     B  -  B
That's me in the spotlight

^C-^C  ^C   B-B-A
Losing my religion


^C-^C  A     B      B     G      B
Trying to keep up with you

^C   B    B         A     G A   A   B   A
And I don't know if I can do it

B     B      B    ^C     B      A
Oh no I've said too much

D   A - A      A     B - G
I haven't said enough


G     ^C       ^C   A   ^C       B      B - A
I thought that I heard you laughing

G     ^C       ^C   A    ^C      B      A
I thought that I heard you sing

^C ^C ^C  ^C   ^C  ^C    B     A
I think I thought I saw you try...

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