New Rules – Dua Lipa

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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"New Rules" is a recent global chart-topper which has propelled London-born Dua Lipa to fame - it's also relatively easy to play, with the odd faster section for a bit of a challenge :)


^C-B     A     B    ^C    B     A
Talking in my sleep at night

^C - B     A-B   ^D-^C
Making myself crazy

   ^E   A    A   A-G    ^E   A   A    A-G
(Out of my mind, out of my mind)


^C         B       A       B    ^C    B   A
Wrote it down and read it out

^C - B    A       B      ^D    ^E
Hoping it would save me

    ^E   A-A     A-G     ^E   A-A     A-G
(Too many times, too many times)


^E   ^G
My love...

^G     ^F    ^E    ^D   ^C
He makes me feel like

A-^E-^F   ^E    A-^E-^F  ^E
Nobody else, nobody else...


^D  ^E  ^G
But my love...

^G  ^F-^E   ^D   ^C
He doesn't love me

A  A  ^E ^F-^E  A ^E ^F-^E-^D
So I tell myself, I tell myself...


A         ^D      ^E   ^D  ^D   ^D
One: Don't pick up the phone

^C    ^D   ^D   ^D-^D  ^D-^D
You know he's only calling

^C           A       ^D    ^D  ^D-^D
'Cause he's drunk and alone


A         ^E   ^D  ^D  ^D
Two: Don't let him in

A          ^D    A    ^D    A  ^D   A-^D
You'll have to kick him out again


A              ^E   ^D  ^D   ^D
Three: Don't be his friend

^C      ^G    ^G     ^G-^G  ^G  ^G
You know you're gonna wake up

^G ^G ^D ^D^ D ^D-^E
In his bed in the morning


^E  ^E   ^D-^D  ^D
If you're under him,

^D    A   ^D-^A  ^D-^D  A
You ain't getting over him

A   B   ^C    ^E   ^C    B       A
I got new rules, I count 'em...


A   B   ^C    ^E   ^C    B       A
I got new rules, I count 'em

A  B-^C  ^E  ^C   B   A-^C
I gotta tell them to myself

A   B   ^C    ^E   ^C    B       A
I got new rules, I count 'em

A  B-^C  ^E  ^C   B   A-^C
I gotta tell them to myself


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