King of the Road – Think! Road Safety Hedgehogs

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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If you were a kid in the UK in the 90's, you're about to be taken on a serious nostalgia trip! If not - enjoy learning how to cross the road with the catchiest jingle ever =D


^C        G      E     D    E        F
Take care out on the street

B          G        A       G       C      C        C
Use your head and then your feet

^C         G      E     D    E    F
Don't run out like a fool

G           G      B    ^C   ^D   ^C   ^C
Take your time and play it cool!


^C   G     E       D     E-F
If you don't stay alert

B         G        A      G     C-C       C
You could end up getting hurt

D             E-G      ^E
You've gotta stop

^D     ^C      ^C   ^C      A
And think then you'll be

^D    ^C   B   ^C
King of the road!

^D   ^C    B    ^C
King of the road!!!

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