Journey to the Past – Anastasia / Liz Callaway

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Released for the 1997 animated film “Anastasia” (a Fox Animation production, not Disney!) and is sung by Liz Callaway in the movie.  A lovely song which i've transposed into letter notes, a nice easy piece for beginners on flute, piano, violin, oboe, clarinet or even to sing :)


G               F#     G    A     G
Heart, don't fail me now!

G  -  F#         G       A - B     A
Courage, don't desert me!

B              A       B      ^C       B      ^C      ^D
Don't turn back now that we're here!


G - F#     G - A    G
People always say

G     F#  G   A    B - A
Life is full of choices

B - A      B-^C      B-^C    ^D
No-one ever mentions fear!

^D  ^D   ^C    ^D      ^E   ^D    ^C  ^D
Or how the world can seem so vast

^D ^C ^D-^E     G    A   ^D
On a journey ... to the past.


G    -    F#             G        A      G
Somewhere down this road

G    F#      G  -   A         B - A
I know someone's waiting

B           A        B       ^C      B     ^C    ^D
Years of dreams just can't be wrong!


G          F#    G-A     G
Arms will open wide.

G    F#   G     A      B - A
I'll be safe and wanted

B - A          B       ^C      B  ^C-^D
Finally home where I belong.


^D     ^D - ^C    ^D   ^E   ^D-^C   ^D
Well, starting now, I'm learning fast

^D ^C    ^D-^E   G    A   ^D
On this journey to the past..


^D           G         A - B
Home, Love, Family.

B            ^C    ^D   G   G
There was once a time

G   G       A         B      G        A
I must have had them, too.

B                 E      F# - G#
Home, Love, Family,

G#  A   B-E   E      E  -  E
I will never be complete

F#-G#  E  G#  B
Until I find you...


G        F#    G  A  G
One step at a time,

G           F#       G     A-B-A
One hope, then another,

B              A            B       ^C      B     ^C   ^D
Who knows where this road may go!


G        F#    G  A  G
Back to who I was,

G     F#   G    A    B - A
On to find my future.

B              A        B     ^C       B       ^C   ^D
Things my heart still needs to know!


^D  ^D  ^C ^D ^E ^D
Yes, let this be a sign!

^D  ^C   ^D   ^E   ^D
Let this road be mine!

^D ^C ^D ^E   G   A   ^D
Let it lead me to my past

^E      ^D    ^C    ^D
And bring me home...

E-G ^D
At last!

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