Nemo – Nightwish

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Nothing to do with the famous fish, 'Nemo' was a hit single for Nightwish in 2004 and got to number #1 in Finland, Brazil and Hungary.


C      C  CBA  B   B-B-AG
This is me    for forever

A       A   A    G     E
One of the lost ones

E      C       C - CB   A   B
The one without a name

B  -  BA    G  ^(D-F    E)       A    C  -  B
Without an honest heart as compass

C      C  CBA  B    B-B-AG
This is me   for forever

A       A - A    G     E
One without a name

A         ^(D      F    E)     A-C-B A
These lines the last endeavor

A    ^(D     F    E)-  A    C  -  B
To find the missing lifeline


D^   D^  CD^   A
Oh how I wish

D^  D^-CD^    G
For soothing rain

C  CD^ B   A   G    F#    D - E
All I wish is to dream again

D^   C-D^   A
My loving heart

D^    C    D^    G
Lost in the dark

C      CD^   B    A      G     F# - D - E
For hope I'd give my everything

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