Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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Everyone loves "Don't Stop Believing'", whether you heard the original, or on TV (might have Glee you found this, for me it was Scrubs :D) - it's also been covered by the Northern Kings (one of my faves!), the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mary J Blige, and by a bunch of celebrities in the 'Rock of Ages' cast - a truly timeless piece known in many formats across the generations!


A       F      G       G      A
Just a small town girl

D-F    F   F  ^C-Bb  A-G
Livin' in a lonely world

D         A       F        G-G         A
She took the midnight train

G-F        G-A-F
Goin' anywhere...


A    F  G-G  A
Just a city boy

D         F         F      F    ^C      Bb-A-G
Born and raised in south Detroit

D       A       F       G-G         A
He took the midnight train

G-F        G-A-F
Goin' anywhere...


D    A-G    A   F    G-G     A
A singer in a smoky room

D      F     F      F      F      ^C      Bb-A-G
A smell of wine and cheap perfume

A   G   A-G
For a smile

F           F         G       G       A
They can share the night

G      F    G     A    G
It goes on and on,

A       G     A     A-G-F
And on, and on   ~


G - F               G-A
Strangers waiting

F       F         F      F       ^C-Bb-A
Up and down the boulevard

G             G - F           G - A
Their shadows searching

G    F    G-A-F
In the night  ~


G - F                    G-A
Streetlights, people

F - F      F     F    ^C   Bb-A-G
Living just to find emotion

G-F             G - A         G     F      ^C
Hiding somewhere in the night!


Bb-A     A      G-Bb-A
Don't stop believin'

Bb A Bb ^C ^D-^C-A-G-F
Hold on to the feelin'

Bb  -  A             Bb-A
Streetlights, people

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