Thank You For The Music – ABBA

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A lovely song by ABBA which plays in the credits in the musical film Mamma Mia.

Fun and easy to practice, with the few sharps, flats and high notes thrown in later for a bit of a challenge.


^C  ^C-^C   ^C - B
I'm nothing special

A     G     G  G  G   A   G   E
In fact I'm a bit of a bore

G# A  ^C  G#  A
If   I   tell   a   joke

G#          A-Bb-G       A    Bb   A - F
You've probably heard it before


G   G     A   F#  G-A
But I have a talent

F#     G-A-F#     G
A wonderful thing

G       ^E-^E-^E   ^E-^E
'Cause everyone listens

^E    ^E  ^D  ^E   ^F
When I start to sing

^E  ^D   ^C - E     E       E
I'm so grateful and proud

A    B   ^C   F   F    F   E    F     G
All I want is to sing it out loud


^G ^G ^G
So   I   say

^G       ^G  ^G  ^F#  ^F-^E
Thank you for the music

A        ^C     B    ^D-^C
The songs I'm singing

B            A      B
Thanks for all

^C    ^E     ^D     ^C - B
The joy they're bringing


^G    ^G   ^G  ^F#-^F  ^E
Who can live without it

A ^C  B  ^D  ^C-^D-^E
I ask in all honesty

^D        ^C    ^D    ^E
What would life be?

^D - ^E   ^F   ^G   ^G  ^G
Without a song or dance

^E      ^F   ^G
What are we?


^E ^F ^G
So   I   say

^A     ^A    ^A  ^G#  ^G-^F
Thank you for the music

A    ^C-B  ^E ^D ^C
For giving it to me...


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