Tomorrow – Annie

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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From the 1977 musical show and film Annie, "Tomorrow" is an iconic and hopeful piece sung by the main character. Cover versions have been recorded by Grace Jones, Barbra Streisand, Elaine Paige, Lea Salonga, Patti Smith and many others.

This one is a bit more challenging, with a wider note range extending quite low. You may prefer to shift the notes up a bit to help out if you're a beginner :) Happy practice!


C     .A-.Bb     C       F        A-G-F
The sun'll come out tomorrow

A        G        F - E      D-G
Bet your bottom dollar

E           C-.A-F
That tomorrow

G           A     .Bb
There'll be sun!


C         .A-.Bb     C - F     A-G-F
Just thinkin' about tomorrow

A             G-F    E        D-G
Clears away the cobwebs

E        C     .A - F
And the sorrow

G        A         .Bb
'Til there's none!


C            C      C        F     G   G#
When I'm stuck with a day

F            G#     F    G#-Bb
That's gray and lonely

D#  D#  D#   G#  Bb  ^C
I  just  stick  out  my  chin

G#   ^C   G#  ^C
And grin and say...


C     .Bb   .A-.Bb     C     F
Oh! The sun'll come out

A - G - F

A    G    F-E     D     G
So ya gotta hang on

E         C-.A-F
'Til tomorrow

G            A       Bb
Come what may


^C-^D-^C     A-^D-^C
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

A  ^D  ^C   F-^C-Bb
I love ya tomorrow!

G        Bb-A    F   C   G-F
You're only a day away!


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