Almost There – The Princess and the Frog (Disney)

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A lower tune than I realised, "Almost There" is a fun and upbeat tune to play. It's relatively simple so it's great for beginners, the challenge will be getting up to speed :) Woodwinds (and other instruments) may like to shift the song up a bit to make it a bit easier to play. Happy practice!


Mama, I don't have time for dancing...

D#           D     C-.A       C    .A    D   .A  .A-.G
That's just gonna have to wait a while

E          G     ^C    A       G - G        G-C
Ain't got time for messing around

.A      C     C      E      D
And it's not my style...


A         G      G        E       A      G       C
This old town can slow you down

C - .A        C-C    .A    E-C    D
People taking the easy way

C     A    G      G-G-E       A        G     E-C
But I know exactly where I'm going

.A     C - .A    A - A     A      A-A      A-G-G
I'm getting closer and closer everyday...


E      G-E    A-A       A
And I'm almost there

.A       C-E        D
I'm almost there

A  - G          A          A        A      G     A-C
People 'round here think I'm crazy

.A   C     E        D
But I don't care!


A            G      A-G-A-A
Trials and tribulations

.A      C      C      D
I've had my share

A             G        G - E       G-E       A      G      E
There ain't nothing gonna stop me now

.A        C-.A      C-C      C
Cause I'm almost there!


C     D-E-G        C-A      G    C
I remember daddy told me

E - D        C      C        E        D
"Fairy tales can come true

C        A     G-E       A        G      E-C
But you gotta make 'em happen

C   A     G - A    A-E  G-A
It all depends on you"


E  G    A        A       A        A       G       A-G-E
So I work real hard each and everyday

.A            C       .A      C     .A     C-C    E     D
Now things for sure are going my way

A         A-G      A   A   A
Just doing what I do

^C       A       A     G    Bb-A-G       G
Look out boys I'm coming through...


E       G-E    A-A        A
And I'm almost there!

.A       C-E        D
I'm almost there

A - G        G-G       G         G        E          A-G-E
People gonna come here from everywhere

.A       C     C - C        C
And I'm almost there

G       A-A         A
I'm almost there!


A                  G         G       E       A-G-E-C
There's been trials and tribulations

.A          C      .A      C     E       D
You know I've had my share

E        G           A          G       G - E
But I've climbed the mountain,

G            A          G    D#-D-C
I've crossed the river...


C        .A     C - C       C
And I'm almost there,

A        A-G         C
I'm almost there,

G-A-G   ^C-^C   ^C
I'm   ~ almost there!

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