Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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A classic Queen hit, upbeat and way more high-pitched than I realised! A great piece if you're looking to really span the octaves :)

Did you know? Apart from being featured in the hit film Shaun of the Dead, this "Don't Stop Me Now" has also been covered by McFly, Katy Perry, Olly Murs and also been in Glee.


G-G-F      F     F-A      ^C    ^F-^E
Tonight I'm gonna have myself

^C    A      G       F
A real good time

A  G  F-G-A-Bb-^C
I feel alive  ~  ~  ~


^D  ^E     ^F   ^D  ^A-^Bb  ^A-^G ^F
And the world is turning inside out


^F   ^A-^A   ^Bb-^A  ^G  ^F#-^G-^A
I'm floating around in ecstasy...


^D  ^Bb   ^A   ^G    Bb
So don't stop me now

^Bb    ^A     ^G
Don't stop me...

^G        ^G   Bb-Bb  Bb  ^C   ^D
'Cause I'm having a good time

^E-^E  ^E  ^F   ^G
Having a good time!


A    A     G - F        F
I'm a shooting star

F - A           ^C         ^F     ^E
Leaping through the skies

^C   A   G-F
Like a tiger

F - A - G    F      G    G   A-Bb-^C
Defying the laws of gravity


A    A    G-F     F
I'm a racing car

^C-^F   ^E  ^C  ^A-^A  ^A-^G-^F
Passing by like Lady Godiva

A      G - F    G   A   Bb  ^C
I'm gonna go, go, go, go

^C         ^C    ^D-^E     ^F
There's no stopping me!


^C  ^A-^Bb      ^A       ^G   ^F   ^D
I'm burning through the sky yeah!

^A     ^A-^A     ^Bb-^A
Two hundred degrees

^G        ^G    ^G   ^F# ^F#
That's why they call me

^F#-^F#  ^G-^A-^A-^G
Mister    Fahrenheit    ~

^G   ^F#-^F# ^F# ^F# ^G ^A ^Bb
I'm traveling at the speed of light

^Bb ^Bb-^A ^G ^F
I wanna make a

^F-^F-^F-^F ^F ^F-^F ^G
Supersonic man outta you!


A           Bb    ^C    ^F
Don't stop me now

A       A-G       G     F     G      A
I'm having such a good time

G       A-A   ^C   A
I'm having a ball!

A           Bb    ^C    ^F
Don't stop me now

^F  ^F    A-A       G    F     G       A
If you wanna have a good time

^A    ^A   ^A ^Bb ^A-^D
Just give me a call    ~


^Bb    ^A    ^G
Don't stop me...

^G       ^G  Bb-Bb Bb  ^C   ^D
Cause I'm having a good time

^Bb    ^A    ^G
Don't stop me...

^G  ^G  Bb-Bb  Bb ^C   ^D
Yes I'm having a good time

^D ^E  ^E-^E  ^F  ^G  ^F
I don't wanna stop at all!


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