Unspoken – Lacuna Coil

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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From Lacuna Coil's first album 'Comalies', nothing takes me back to being a teenager like these guys. Dodgy lyrics, simple tunes, good times.


A       B   ^C-B     A-^C
And it doesn't matter

B          G      G    G-E   ^C-B -A  ^C  B
How you feel now, anything at all

A           B   ^C    B   A-^C     B    G   G-G-E
Seems to be your only way, so vicious

G-A-A       G-A-B
Heavenly apart


A               B    ^C-B     A  ^C    B    G   G-GE
When your envy's on a piece of paper

^C   B     A -^C    B
Let me sweetly smile

A            B -^C-B     A    ^C          B       G    G -  GE
You're devouring all the crumbs I'm leaving

G             A    A    G     A-B
Caught up in your lies...


^C - ^C    B    A    B
Clawing up my eyes

^C  ^C-B       A      ^D    ^C-^C    B
I'm feeling your arms around me

B    ^C    B - G     E
On the other side

^C      B    A   B   ^C   ^C - B       A     ^D      ^C-^C       B
It's time to go, I'm hearing your voice without words

B     ^C    B-G     A
On the other side...

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