Count on Me – Bruno Mars

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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Released in 2010, "Count on Me" is a nice and simple tune with no irregular notes to play all the way through - a great one for piano beginners in particular :)


G-A ^C
Uh - um

^E ^D ^E-^E ^E  ^D-^E   ^E
If you ever find yourself stuck

^E ^D ^E-^E ^E ^E ^E
In the middle of the sea

^D ^E  ^C    A    ^E   ^D   ^C
I'll sail the world to find you

^E ^D ^E-^E ^E  ^D-^E  ^E
If you ever find yourself lost

^E ^D  ^E   ^E    ^E    ^G    ^E
In the dark and you can't see,

^D ^E ^C   A   ^E   ^D   ^C
I'll be the light to guide you...


^F     ^F    ^G    ^A       ^G    ^E
Find out what we're made of

^E        ^F   ^E     ^D   ^C   ^F
When we are called to help

^E        ^D   ^C    ^D
Our friends in need

^E    ^E   ^C   ^E   ^G
You can count on me

^C       B     ^E    ^G
Like one two three

B     B     A
I'll be there


^C  ^F  ^E   ^D   ^C  ^F  ^E
And I know when I need it

^D ^C ^C  ^E  ^G
I can count on you

^C      B     ^E     ^G
Like four three two

A           B       B     A
And you'll be there

^C          ^F        ^E        ^D
'Cause that's what friends

^C     ^F-^F   ^E  ^D  ^D  ^C
Are supposed to do, oh yeah


Whoa, whoa

^C-^D-^E ^B-^A-^G
Oh, oh

^F ^E
Yeah, yeah


^E       ^D-^E    ^F   ^G   ^E-^G ^A
You’ll always have my shoulder

^B *C-^B
When you cry

^E  ^D-^E ^F ^G
I’ll never let go

^E-^G   ^A   ^B-*C
Never say goodbye

*D      *C    ^B   ^A
You know you can


With many thanks to Alfy for her contribution :)


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