Away in a Manger – Traditional

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A relatively modern Christian Christmas carol, we all sang it as children! Translated into easy letter notes for beginners on any instrument!

There are many different versions of the lyrics for "Away in a Manger", so if you don't recognise the ones below, rest assured the melody is the same :)


D-G    G  A-B   G-G
Away in a manger

B-^C ^D ^D ^E ^C
No crib for a bed

A-B ^C-^C ^D   B-B
The little Lord Jesus

G-B     A       E       G         F#
Lay down His sweet head


D        G      G  A-B    G        G
The stars in the bright sky

B-^C    ^D      ^D    ^E   ^C
Look down where He lay

A-B ^C-^C ^D   B-B
The little Lord Jesus

G-B-A    E    F#   G
Asleep on the hay

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