Lean on Me – Bill Withers / Glee

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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This is one of only 9 songs to have made it to #1 with two different artists - the other chat-topping performance was by Club Nouveau in 1987 which featured in a film.

Did you know?  "Lean On Me" has also been covered by Bonnie Tyler, Michael Bolton, The Temptations, Mary J Blige, The Beautiful South, Tom Jones, Mud, Seal, Glen Campbell, and it's also appeared in Glee :)


^C  -  ^C     ^D  ^E   ^F   ^F  ^E   ^D   ^C
Sometimes in our lives we all have pain

^C  ^D   ^E   ^E-^D
We all have sorrow

^C ^C ^D ^E   ^F
But if we are wise

^F      ^E     ^D      ^C      ^C-^D    ^E-B-^C
We know that there's always tomorrow


^E    ^D  ^C
Lean on me

^E           ^E      ^D   ^D-^C
When you're not strong

^C   ^C   B     A        G
And I'll be your friend

^C  ^D ^E  ^E-^C ^D
I'll help you carry on

^C ^E  ^E   ^D ^D-^C
For it won't be long

^C   ^C    B-A      G
'Til I'm gonna need

^E-^D-^C ^C   B  ^D-^C
Somebody to lean on


^C           ^E-^E    ^D   ^D-^C
Please swallow your pride

^C B  A     G     ^C    ^D   ^E  ^E-^D
If I have faith you need to borrow

^C   ^E-^E  ^D ^D-C ^C   B     A       G
For no-one can fill those of your needs

^E      ^D   ^C     ^C  B-^C
That you won't let show....

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