Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) – Green Day

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Can be played on piccolo

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A lovely simple tune that most will be familiar with, Green Day's "Good Riddance" (sometimes referred to as "Time Of Your Life") from 1997 - a blast from the past! I hope you enjoy the letter notes - it's great fun to play :)


B-B-^C    ^D - B      B
Another turning point,

B   ^C      B      A     G     A
A fork stuck in the road

B            B     ^C   ^D  ^C    B
Time grabs you by the wrist,

B - ^C       B        A    G    A
Directs you where to go


B     ^E      ^E    ^D   ^D  ^D  ^E
So make the best of this test,

^D     ^C    ^C  ^D-A-B
And don't ask why  ~

B     ^E  ^E  ^D-^D
It's not a question,

^D ^D  ^E-^D   ^C   ^D  ^D
But a lesson learned in time


E          G - E        G - A - B - A - G
It's something unpredictable,

E      G     E     G    A    A-B
But in the end it's right

G     G     E     G
I hope you had

G     A-F#  F#  F#   G
The time of your life...


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