We’re All In This Together – High School Musical (Disney)

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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The letter notes for "We're All In This Together" from Disney's High School Musical are quite simple to play, and with the easy melody, this should be a great one for beginners :)


E-G-E           E-G-E         E-G-E       D-E-G
Together, together, together everyone

E-G-E           E-G-E
Together, together,

E            G        A     Bb       A      G
Come on, let's have some fun!


E - G - E         E          G      E
Together, we're there for

E          G-E       D-E     G
Each other every time

E - G - E     E - G - E
Together, together

E           G      A      Bb    A     G
Come on, let's do this right!


^G      ^G   ^G
Here and now,

^D# ^F ^D# ^D#-^C-^D#-^F
It's time for celebration  ~

^D# ^G-^G ^F-^D# ^F-^D#-^C#
I finally figured out  ~   ~

^D-^D# ^D#
(Yeah yeah)

^D# ^G ^Bb ^G-^F
That all our dreams

^F ^D# ^D#-^C-^D#-^F
Have no limitations  ~  ~

^G ^G ^G ^G-^F ^D#-^F-^F#^F-^D#
That's what it's all about   ~      ~


A-A-G-F     F    G-F
Everyone is special

G       F       G      A
In their own way

F           A         A       G-F       G
We make each other strong

       A        G-F     F
(Each other strong)

F            A   ^C   A-G
We're not the same

F                G - F      F   D     F     G
We're different in a good way

F-A-A               G       F     F-G-A
Together's where we belong!


G            B   G    A     B-G-E
We're all in this together

F#        G         G        E     D     G
Once we know, that we are

E           D     G
We're all stars

A        B     B      A
And we see that!


G           B    G    A     B-G-E
We're all in this together

F#    G     G
And it shows,

E           D       G
When we stand

E         D      G
Hand in hand

A            B           B         A-G      G
Make our dreams come true!


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