Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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The 80's pop-rock ballad topped the charts around the world and has been covered by big names such as Sixpence None the Richer, Donny Osmond, Faith No More, Susan Boyle, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande and has been performs by the cast of Glee.

It's relatively simple and will be perfect practice for beginners and intermediates on piano, woodwind, string or brass instruments - play with the 'Note Settings' to adjust the letter m


Bb   ^C   ^D-^D#   ^D-^D
There is freedom within

Bb   ^C   ^D-^D#   ^D-^D
There is freedom without

^C     Bb   ^C    Bb    Bb-G#
Tryin' to catch the deluge

G# G#  G#-G  G
In  a  paper  cup...


Bb   ^C  ^D-^D#  ^D-^D
There's a battle ahead,

Bb-^C  ^D-^D#  ^F  ^D
Many  battles  are  lost,

^C    Bb  ^C-Bb    Bb
But you'll never see

Bb   Bb   G#   G#  Bb
The end of the road

F                 F          G - G        G#     G
While you're travelling with me...


^F     ^C     ^G    ^C-Bb
Hey now, hey now...

Bb      ^Bb    ^G    ^F-^D#
Don't dream it's over...


^F    ^C    ^G   ^C-Bb
Hey now, hey now...

Bb        Bb   ^Bb   ^G   ^F-^D#
When the world comes in...


^F      ^C      ^G     ^C-Bb
They come, they come

Bb  Bb   Bb  ^C  ^D#-^F ^D#
To build a wall between us

^C   ^D#    ^F   ^C-Bb  ^C
We know they won't win...

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