Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley

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Can be played on piccolo

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The song "Always On My Mind" was first sung y B.J. Thomas in 1969.

It has been covered by many popular artists since including Willie Nelson, Brenda Lee, Pet Shop Boys, John Wesley Ryles, Susan Boyle and many others. I've gone with the Elvis Presley version as that's the one I know best :)


^E-^F ^G  ^F-^E  ^E   ^D
Maybe  I  didn't  love  you

^C   ^D  ^E-^D  ^C  B    B      A
Quite  as  often  as  I  could  have

^E-^F ^G ^F-^E  ^E   ^D
Maybe  I  didn't  treat  you

^C    ^D  ^E-^D ^C   B     B         A
Quite  as  good  as  I  should  have


^A-^A  ^A
Little things

^A  ^A    ^A     ^G    ^C    ^E
I should have said and done

^D ^E ^F-^E  ^D  ^C   ^E-^C-^D
I  just  never  took  the  time ~

^D    ^D    ^E-^E   ^F  ^F  ^G
You were always on my mind

^D    ^D    ^F-^F   ^E  ^E  ^C
You were always on my mind


^E-^F  ^G ^F-^E  ^E  ^D
Maybe  I  didn't  hold  you

^C   ^D    ^E-^D  ^C-B    B-A
All those lonely, lonely times

^E  ^F ^G  ^F-^E  ^E   ^D
I  guess  I  never  told  you

^C  ^D  ^E-^D  ^C   B      B-A
I'm so happy that you're mine


^A ^A  ^A   ^A   ^A   ^G-^C    ^E
If  I  made  you  feel  second  best

^D   ^E ^F-^E ^D ^C   ^E-^D-^C
Girl  I'm  sorry  I  was  blind ~

^D    ^D    ^E-^E   ^F  ^F  ^G
You were always on my mind

^D    ^D    ^F-^F   ^E  ^E  ^C
You were always on my mind


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