I’ve Had The Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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From the most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing, 'I've Had The Time of My Life' makes a great tune to play on the flute, or other instruments! It was performed for the 1987 film by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes and has been covered and referenced numerous times. Enjoy the notes :)


G         A       Bb-A    Bb   A   Bb-A-G
I've been waiting for so long   ~
G         A     Bb-A      Bb         A-Bb
Now I've finally found someone
A       G      F   G-E
To stand by me


G       G      A     Bb-A    Bb  A   Bb-A-G
We saw the writing on the wall  ~
G    A    Bb   A   Bb-A-Bb ^C-^D-^C-^D-^E
As we felt this magical fantasy     ~     ~


G           A       Bb-A   Bb  A   Bb-A-G
Now with passion in our eyes
G              A    Bb    A      Bb      A-BbA
There's no way we could disguise

It secretly...


G    A    Bb      A      Bb-A   Bb-A-G
So we take each other's hand
G              A     Bb    A     Bb-A-Bb    Bb   Bb-^D-^C
'Cause we seem to understand the urgency!


^E     ^D-^C-A
Just remember...
A            ^D   ^C      A
You're the one thing
Bb Bb  Bb    A - G    G
I can't get enough of
A    A    A    ^D   ^C-A-G-F
So I'll tell you something
B           B     ^E   ^D    ^C-^D
This could be love because


^C   ^C   ^C  ^C  ^D ^E  ^F-^E-^D
I've had the time of my life   ~    ~
G  G ^F-^F ^E  ^D   ^C   ^D-^C
No I never felt this way before
G ^D   ^C   ^D  ^E  ^F-^E-^D
Yes I swear it's the truth    ~
G   G ^F ^F ^F ^F ^E-^D-^C
And I owe it all to you!

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