How to Save a Life – The Fray

Difficulty: Medium

Can't be played on piccolo

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Released in 2011, "How to Save a Life" has become one of the top downloaded tracks of all time and is the The Fray's most well-known track.

It starts quite low and reaches up quite high, a good challenge for you - happy practice :)

C          D       F      F     F       F    D#  D#
Step one, you say we need to talk

D         D        F      F
He walks, you say

F     F-D#  D#   D  .Bb .Bb
Sit down it's just a talk

.Bb      F      F-F-D#     D#   D   D
He smiles politely back at you

D          D     D-D-C      C     D      .Bb
You stare politely right on through


Bb       Bb   Bb   Bb-^C  ^C  Bb   Bb
Some sort of window to your right

Bb Bb ^C  ^C   ^D   ^C     A      Bb
As he goes left and you stay right

^C - ^C    Bb    ^C   Bb  ^C   ^D    Bb
Between the lines of fear and blame

^D ^C-^D  ^F  ^D-^C   A    ^C    Bb
You begin to wonder why you came


Bb       ^F  ^C   Bb   ^C
Where did I go wrong?

^C ^D A  Bb
I lost a friend

^F  -  ^C     Bb-^C  ^C  ^C   ^D-^C-^C
Somewhere along in the bitterness

Bb  Bb    ^F     ^C      Bb    ^C
And I would have stayed up

^C     ^D   A    Bb
With you all night

^F  ^C    Bb     Bb  ^D ^C  A  Bb
Had I known how to save a life...


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