Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

Difficulty: Medium

Can't be played on piccolo

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A song everyone will have heard in one shape or form, having featured in the Disney film Lilo & Stitch, Coyote Ugly, The Conjuring 2 and the TV series Sons of Anarchy, and been covered by many musicians including UB40, A-Teens, Twenty One Pilots, Erasure, Bob Dylan, Shirely Bassey, U2, Celine Dion... this is one everyone will know


F          ^C   G-F  G-A    Bb     A    G
Wise men say only fools rush in
C     D     E      F
But I can't help
G - A     Bb    A      G      F
Falling in love with you


F    ^C   G-F
Shall I stay?
G         A   Bb  A  G
Would it be a sin?
C  D   E      F
If I can't help
G - A     Bb    A      G       F
Falling in love with you.


E     A ^C-^E  ^D
Like a river flows

E - A    ^C ^E  ^D
Surely to the sea
E - A    ^C ^E  ^D
Darling so it goes
^C         ^C        A      ^C      A   Bb-A
Some things are meant to be.....


F        ^C      F
Take my hand
G         A       Bb      A     G
Take my whole life too
C    D     E       F
For I can't help
G - A    Bb    A      G       F
Falling in love with you

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