Runaway – The Corrs

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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Not spot on, but pretty close - the vocal parts for the popular 90's hit 'Runaway' by The Corrs. At some point i'd like to try and work out the fancy tune in the background, but this took long enough and there are so many tunes to play :)


^C     B    G       E          ^C - B      C     ^D ^C     G
Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you

G   ^C    B - G     E         ^C    B    ^C    ^D ^C   G
I'm not alone, please tell me you feel it too


G     A  ^C      ^C     B-C
And I would run away

G  ^C     ^C    B-^C     ^E-^D   ^C-B
I would run away, yeah..., yeah

G  ^C     ^C    B-^C
I would run away

G ^C     ^C    B-^C    ^D    ^D
I would run away with you


G       ^G-^E^F^E-^D^C
Cause I   ~   ~   ~

^C    ^F-^E      ^D  ^C^D-^C^D-^C
Am falling in love  ~   ~   ~

^C^D^CBA    G
With  ~  ~  you

^G ^E-^F^E^D^C
No I'm never ~

^C    ^F^E     ^D^C     ^E
I'm never gonna stop

D - ^C   B   ^C      B      ^C
Falling in love with you

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