Close to You – The Carpenters

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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The Carpenters have been one of my favourites since I was a kid - I had the greatest hits on cassette (!) as a kid and would listen to it on repeat for hours... years! My favourite was always 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft' so you can expect the notes for that at some point! :)

'Close to You' is one of The Carpenter's most popular hits and its a lovely tune to play - I hope you enjoy the letter notes below :)


.A        C       G       G-F-G      A-E
Why do birds suddenly appear

E-G         B       E      G    ^C
Every time you are near?

.A        C     G      .A       C     A  G
Just like me, they long to be

.A          C    G
Close to you...


.A        C     G       G       F         G        A     E
Why do stars fall down from the sky

E-G         B       E      G    ^C
Every time you walk by?

.A       C     G      .A      C     A    G
Just like me, they long to be

.A       C     G
Close to you...


C       C     D     D     E        E       D
On the day that you were born

D       C-C       D     D-E-E
The angels got together

D        C-G-G    A    A-B
And decided to create

B       A         G        B
A dream come true...


A      B      ^C-^C
So they sprinkled

^C-^C       ^C   ^C   ^C   ^C  ^C
Moondust in your hair of gold

^C     ^C-^C   ^C   A        B   ^C  ^D
And starlight in your eyes of blue...


.A      C     G    G     F     G     A     E
That is why all the girls in town

E - G        B     E    G-^C
Follow you all around

.A        C     G      .A      C    A   G
Just like me, they long to be

.A      C      G
Close to you...


Waa      ~      ~   ,

B      G     G-E
Close to you....


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