Like a Prayer – Madonna

Difficulty: Easy

Can't be played on piccolo

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Enjoy the flute notes for Madonna's controversial single 'Like a Prayer', it's one of my favorites :) It's prefect for beginners on flute or piano. Watch out for the low C!


F     F   F   E-G-F
Life is a mystery

F - F - F          F          E       G - F
Everyone must stand alone

A    A     A     G    Bb     A
I hear you call my name

F       F     A      G      E-D
And it feels like home....


A             A      F       F      E
When you call my name

E     G   G    G-G      F
It's like a little prayer

D         G      G    G       F
I'm down on my knees,

C   G - F     A      G       F
I wanna take you there!


G     G      G  - G        F
In the midnight hour

G    G     A      F        F
I can feel your power,

G       G     G      F
Just like a prayer

A          F        F      A      G       F
You know I'll take you there!


E    E       G        G
I hear your voice

A      A    G    B-G     E-G
It's like an angel sighing

E    E     G      G       B     A       A      G-A
I have no choice, I hear your voice

A          B      G - A
Feels like flying...


E     E      G     G
I close my eyes....

A       A    G    B     G     E - G
Oh God I think I'm falling

E       E    G    G    B     A      A    G-A
Out of the sky, I close my eyes

A  -  B       ^C     B
Heaven help me!



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