Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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A well-loved 80's classic - "Uptown Girl" was originally released by Billy Joel but it has been covered many times by bands including Westlife and the Glee cast! This one is sooo much fun to play, i hope you enjoy it too!


F-E-F   G-F-E-D
Woah ooohh

A-G-A   Bb-A-G-F
Woah ooohh


^F-^F    ^F
Uptown girl

^E      ^F   ^G-^F  ^E ^D   ^D-^C   ^C
She's been living in her uptown world

Bb A  Bb   ^C-Bb    A    G      F-^F      ^F
I bet she's never had a backstreet guy

^F ^E ^F  ^G-^F   ^E-^D  ^D  ^C  ^C
I bet her momma never told her why

Bb   A-Bb  ^C
I'm gonna try...


^D  ^E  ^F-^F  ^F
For an uptown girl

^E        ^F   ^G-^F  ^E  ^D  ^D  ^C-Bb   ^C
She's been living in her white bread world

Bb    A   Bb  ^C-Bb-A   G   F   ^F   ^G-^F
As long as anyone with hot blood can

^F     ^E     ^F      ^G-^F  ^E  ^D   ^D-^C   ^C
And now she's looking for a downtown man

Bb        A   Bb  ^C
That's what I am


G         ^C    ^A      ^G      ^E
And when she knows what

^G       ^F    ^D    ^E   ^F-^E-^D
She wants from her time  ~

G         ^C    ^A     ^G    ^E
And when she wakes up

^G        ^F   ^D  ^E   ^F-^E-^D
And makes up her mind  ~


^D ^D ^D ^D# ^F ^D# ^D
She'll see I'm not so tough

^D# ^D-^C
Just because

^E ^D ^C
I'm in love...


^D    ^E   ^F-^F   ^F
With an uptown girl

^E       ^F   ^G    ^F    ^E   ^D  ^D   ^C-Bb   ^C
You know I've seen her in her uptown world

Bb        A-Bb   ^C-Bb   G    F    F     ^F   ^G-^F
She's getting tired of her high class toys

^F    ^E   ^F   ^G-^F      ^E   ^D    ^D-^C   ^C
And all her presents from her uptown boys

Bb      A    Bb   ^C
She's got a choice...


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