Sunflower – Shannon Purser (Sierra Burgess Is A Loser)

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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From the 2018 Netflix film "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser", Sunflower is a lovely and heart-felt tune which I hope you enjoy playing :)


^C       G   ^C   A-G  A-^C
Rose girls in glass vases

^C - G     G-^C       A-G     A-^C
Perfect bodies, perfect faces

^E ^D  ^C-^D  ^C  A-G-^D-A
They all belong in magazines


^C          G     ^C     A      G     A-^C
Those girls the boys are chasing

^C - G      G    ^C       A           G         A-^C
Winning all the games they're playing

^E         ^D-^C  ^D ^C   A-G  ^C-^D-^C-A
They're always in a different league  ~


^A - ^G        ^E        ^D     ^C
Stretching toward the sky

^D  ^E   ^C   A
Like I don't care

^A - ^G    ^E   ^D   ^C  ^D
Wishing you could see me

^E-^E    ^E-^D
Standing there...


^C ^C ^D ^E-^E-^D
But I'm a sunflower

^C ^D-^E A-^C
A little funny

^C ^D ^E ^D ^E-^D
If   I    were   a   rose

^C-^D    ^E      A     ^C
Maybe you'd want me...

^C ^A  ^A  *C  ^A   ^G-^E-^G
If I could I'd change overnight

^C   ^A    ^A-*C    ^A-^G    ^E    ^G
And turn into something you'd like


^C ^C ^D ^E-^E-^D
But I'm a sunflower

^C ^D-^E A-^C
A little funny

^C ^D ^E ^D ^E-^D
If    I    was    a    rose

^C - ^D    ^E     A   ^C
Maybe you'd pick me...

^C ^A  ^A   *C   ^A    ^G   ^E   ^G-^A
But I know you don't have a clue  ~

^C   ^A-^A-*C     ^A-^G   ^E  ^G
This sunflower's waiting for you

^G-^E  ^D  ^D-^C
Waiting for you...


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