Kiss from a Rose – Seal

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Released as part of the Batman soundtrack, 'Kiss From a Rose' by Seal has become an iconic tune and is great practice piece for beginners. Enjoy the letter notes below - ps. it goes super high pitch!

Did you know?!  When ambiguous, low notes are noted are marked with a dot (.) and higher notes with a caret (^).


^C-Bb   A-G F-G

(intro melody)


^C-B      B   ^C  B  ^C   B-^C    ^D-F
There used to be a greying tower

^D-^D  ^C   B  ^D-B
Alone on the sea ~

^G-F#   ^D-B     ^C    ^D
You ~ became the light

F    ^D    ^D    ^C    B   ^D-B
On the dark side of me  ~

^D ^Bb-^A  ^G-^D  ^E  ^F
But love remained a drug

^D      ^D    ^E    ^C    ^C   ^C  ^D-B
That's the high and not the pill  ~


B      ^G   ^F#   B
But did you know

B         ^G   ^F     Bb
That when it snows

G      Bb     ^C-Bb      A        G
My eyes become large and

F        Bb     ^C     Bb       A
The light that you shine

G       F      G
Can be seen...


Baby   ~

^F  ^D-^F  ^D ^F ^D
I compare you to a

^G     ^F ^D   ^C    Bb   A    G
Kiss from a rose on the grey


^D     ^F ^D ^F ^D ^F
The more I get of you,

^D     ^G-^F   ^D   ^C   ^C-B
The stranger it feels, yeah


^G      ^F    ^D   ^G  ^F ^D   ^C
Now that your rose is in bloom

Bb ^G   ^F   ^D   ^C-B
A light hits the gloom

Bb    A      G
On the grey

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