Killer Queen – Queen

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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One of Queen's most popular hits performed stunningly by Freddie Mercury, "Killer Queen" was the single which broke into America and from there propelled Queen on to be a global sucess =)

The chorus of Killer Queen is sung in harmony with the rest of the band and it was really tricky to pick out the notes, have done my best :P It's definitely not perfect, so please let me know in the comments if you think anything can be improved - I hope you enjoy playing,  and would love to know how you get on!


.A        .A        D-D   C      D-.A
She keeps Moet et Chandon

E     D      E-F     E-D-D
In her pretty cabinet

D          D       C       D    .A     .A
'Let them eat cake' she says

E         E       E-E        F-G-A
Just like Marie Antoinette...


C     A - A    G-F-G
A built-in remedy

E           F - F          F       E-D-E
For Kruschev and Kennedy

D   C#-D-C#   C#   C-C-C-C
At anytime an invitation

C#      C#   .A-A-G
You can't decline...


A-A-A     A       F-E-D
Caviar and cigarettes

^C        ^C    ^C     A-G-F
Well versed in etiquette

C-^C-B-A-G#-F   ^C
Extraordinarily nice!


D       D    E-E      G-B
She's a Killer Queen

^C-^C-B         G-E-G
Gunpowder, gelatin

^C-^C-^C    B    B   A-E     G
Dynamite with a laser beam

A - A - A           A       E      F#    E-D
Guaranteed to blow your mind



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