Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid (Disney)

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Enjoy the letter notes for Disney's 'Under the Sea' sung by everyone's favourite animated crab. Great for beginners on any instrument :)


C         C -C        C    B-D^     C-G
The seaweed is always greener

E      G-G-E       .D-G     E
In somebody else's lake

C          C        C-C     B-D^   C      G
You dream about going up there

E       G     G  E   D      G-E
But that is a big mistake


A         C     C    A     G        C-G        C
Just look at the world around you

B          ^(D   D   C     E-D     C)
Right here on the ocean floor

A          C - C - A        G         C - G         C
Such wonderful things surround you

B          ^(D   D    C     E-D     C)
What more is you lookin' for?


^(E-D   C)    A
Under the sea

^(E-D   C     D)
Under the sea

^(E-D     C)    A-G
Darling it's better

^(E          D      C)    A-G
Down where it's wetter

^(E    D    C      E)
Take it from me


^(E  D   C)     A        C       C      A    D^
Up on the shore they work all day

^(D  C   D     E      E       D      D-C )
Out in the sun they slave away

^(E       D     C)-A-G
While we devotin'

^(E     D    C)    A-G
Full time to floatin'

^(E-D   C    C)
Under the sea

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