My Favorite Things – The Sound of Music

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Can be played on piccolo

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Sungs by Julie Andrews in the 1965 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical film The Sounds of Music, "My Favourite Things" is known and loved across the generations. The notes below are great for beginners and novices learning most instruments :)


E  -  B            B    F#-E
Raindrops on roses

E          .B - E       E      F#-E
And whiskers on kittens

E              B-B        F#-E
Bright copper kettles

E            .B         E-E         F#-E
And warm woolen mittens


E              B-A       E-F#-D
Brown paper packages

D        A      G        C
Tied up with strings

.B            C   D   E
These are a few

F#    G    B-B-A     D#
Of my favorite things


E                 B-B        F#-E
Cream-colored ponies

E          .B       E-E      F#-E
And crisp apple strudels

E - B               B       F#        E
Doorbells and sleigh bells

E           .B - E          E       F#-E
And schnitzel with noodles


E             B         A     E
Wild geese that fly

F#         D       D      A      G        C
With the moon on their wings

.B          C    D   E
These are a few

F#   G     A-B-A      D#
Of my favorite things


E         B      B        F#-E
Girls in white dresses

E           .B       E-E    F#-E
With blue satin sashes

E  -  B                B      F#
Snowflakes that stay

E      E        .B     E      E-F#-E
On my nose and eyelashes


E - B - A             E-F#
Silver-white winters

D           D     A-G      C
That melt into springs

.B           C    D   E
These are a few

F#    G   A-Bb-B    ^C
Of my favorite things!


B             B      B       E
When the dog bites

A             A      A      D#
When the bee stings

G            G      G-.B     E
When I'm feeling sad...


E   E-F#    E-F#-E
I simply remember

F#    G-A-G      A
My favorite things

A         B  ^C   B    ^C
And then I don't feel

B    G
So bad!


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