The Addams Family Theme – Vic Mizzy

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

Views: 1926

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Instantly recognisable, The Addams Family Theme has been featured across the multiple TV series, films, animated adaptions and stage productions.

It's more challenging to play than it first sounds - good luck! :)


F              Bb-^D     Bb       G        E-^C
They're creepy and they're kooky

G#-A-^C-A     F     D-Bb
Mysterious and spooky

F          Bb  ^D-Bb-G   E-^C
They're all together ooky

Bb      A - F    G-A-Bb
The Addams family!


F       Bb   ^D  Bb   G-E-^C
Their house is a museum

G#         A-^C      A     F     D     Bb
When people come to see 'em

F      Bb-^D   Bb   G   E-^C
They really are a scream

Bb      A - F    G-A-Bb
The Addams family!


F   Bb  ^D   Bb-G     E   ^C
So put a witch's shawl on

G#       A-^C       A       F      D     Bb
A broomstick you can crawl on

F        Bb-^D   Bb   G   E   ^C
We're gonna play a call on

Bb      A - F    G-A-Bb
The Addams family!


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