Down in New Orleans – The Princess and the Frog (Disney)

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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Here's my attempt at "Down in New Orleans" from Disney's animated film, The Princess and the frog.  I found this one really tricky to try and work out, so let me know if there are any obvious fixes so i can make it better :) Otherwise I hope you enjoy!


^C  A    ^C         G       Bb    A   G-A
In the South Land there's a city

Bb      A-G    G    A    D#-D-C
Way down on the river   ~

^C            A     ^C-G      A   Bb-A    G-A
Where the women are very pretty

E      Bb    A   G-A    E-D#-D-C
And all the men deliver   ~


G      A    ^C-^C
They got music

A      Bb-G     G-A
It's always playin'

Bb      A     G     A      A
Start in the day time,

G    ^C      A       G    D#-C
Go all through the night

^C          A    ^C-E    G   Bb-^D   Bb-B
When you hear that music playin'

Bb         G       A    B-B
Hear what I'm saying,

G      A        G     A     ^C-C
It makes you feel alright!


^C       A-^C-^C     ^D   Bb-A   G
Grab somebody, come on down

^C          A           ^C-A
Bring your paintbrush,

^C        ^D-Bb       A     G
We're paintin' the town!

G-^C         A            A        ^C-^C
Honey, there's some sweetness

^D#-^D   ^C-A-^C
Goin'       'round    ~

^C        E     F    F#    G     A-D#-D-C
Catch it down in New Orleans!


G       A   ^C-A     Bb      A    G-A
We got magic, good and bad

A           G      A-A
Make you happy

G        A      G    ^C   D-C
Or make you real sad

G     ^C-^C-^C      A   G-^C
Get everything you want,

A        Bb      A    G-A
Lose what you had

Bb-G      A    G    A      G-A-^C
Down here in New Orleans


^C-A  ^C-^C   ^D   Bb-A   G
Hey partner, don't be shy

^C       A     ^C      A     ^C    ^D   Bb  A  G
Come on down here and give us a try

G         A-B     A    A   ^C-^C
You wanna do some livin'

^D#-^D ^C    F-A-^C
Before    you    die  ~

^C   E     F    F#    G     A-D#-D-C
Do it down in New Orleans


^C-A       ^C         A        ^C-A
Stately homes and mansions

C     C     E-G      G-G
Of the Sugar Barons

G         G      A-G       C
And the Cotton Kings

^C       A-G       ^C      A-G
Rich people, poor people,

^C  ^C    A-G
All got dreams...

C               E        F         A    E      G       A-C
Dreams do come true in New Orleans!


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