Theme from New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

Difficulty: Hard

Can't be played on piccolo

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  • _C
  • _D
  • _E
  • _F
  • _G
  • _A
  • _B
  • .C
  • .D
  • .E
  • .F
  • .G
  • .A
  • .B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • A
  • B
  • ^C
  • ^D
  • ^E
  • ^F
  • ^G
  • ^A
  • ^B
  • *C
  • *D
  • *E
  • *F
  • *G
  • *A
  • *B
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Play the famous theme tune to "New York, New York" which was famously attributed to Frank Sinatra however was initially performed by Liza Minnelli (Judy Garland's daughter) in the film. Queen also covered this for the film Highlander (worth a listen!). "New York, New York" has also been covered by Michael Bolton, Hans Zimmer, David Hasselhoff, Reel Big Fish among many others.

I found this particularly challenging to work out the notes for, however I think it's pretty close! It's great fun to play on flute anyway - hope it works out for you :)

Did you know?! Low notes are marked with a dot (eg: .C) and higher notes with a caret (eg: ^C)


F           E   -   F        E      D-C
Start spreading the news

F       G - F     E-D-C
I'm leaving today

E     F    G   A  G# A  G# A
I want to be a part of it

^C         A       ^C     A-G
New York, New York


F             E - F - E      D-C
These vagabond shoes

F         G - F     E    D-C
Are longing to stray

E                 F          G    A-G#    A   G# A
Right through the very heart of it

^C         A      ^C     A-G
New York, New York


^D Bb-^C  ^D   Bb A G ^C#-^C
I wanna wake up in a city

Bb        A - G      ^C
That doesn't sleep

A        Bb    ^C   ^D  ^C  Bb  ^D
And find I'm king of the hill

^C   Bb   A   ^C
Top of the heap


F            E - F      E      D-C
These little town blues

F        G - F      E-D-C
Are melting away

E         F     G     A       G#     A    G# A
I'll make a brand new start of it

^C    A    ^C     ^D
In old New York


^C Bb A   ^F  ^D  ^C
If I can make it there

Bb     A    G   ^E-^D-^C
I'll make it anywhere

A    Bb  ^C  ^D
It's up to you

Bb        A        ^C       F
New York, New York


^C        A        ^E     ^C
New York, New York

A   Bb  ^C  ^D   Bb A G ^C#-^C
I want to wake up in a city

Bb       A-G      ^C
That never sleeps

A       Bb  ^C ^D  ^C-Bb  ^D
And find I'm a number one

^D ^C  Bb ^D
Top of the list

^E   ^D  ^C  ^E
King of the hill

^E  ^D-^C  ^E
A number one...


^ F      ^E-^F  ^D   ^D-^C
These little town blues

^F  ^G - ^F  ^D-^D-^C
All melting away...

^D  ^D-^C# ^C  Bb   A     ^C     A    G# A
I'm gonna make a brand new start of it

^C  ^C  ^E  ^D-^C
In old New York


And ~

^F ^D ^C ^F  ^D  ^C
If I can make it there

Bb     A    G  ^E-^D-^C
I'll make it anywhere

A    Bb ^C ^D
It's up to you

^C       ^D   ^D-^C  ^F
New York, New York

^D-^C  ^F
New York!

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